The Life of Christina Mora (Coma)


1. First Day and Meeting Him

I walked into classroom, fear making me tremble. I hadn’t been to regular school since 7th grade. I was a small mouse surrounded by rats. I was different. I listened to metal, rock, and indie music, had multi-colored hair, and brown eyes.  

So many questions ran through my head. What if someone makes me angry? What if someone sees right through me? I breathed heavy as I thought of these questions.

I looked around and saw some boys in the front. They had on Adidas and Hollister on. The popular kids. I looked in the back and saw some kids that were dressed like me. The Goths and Emos. That’s where I belong. I walked to them and took out my headphones. I walked to a boy with snake bites and long black hair. He looked me over and smiled a heart stopping smile, “What’s up new kid?” He said. His voice was so deep and tempting.

            “You know listening to music trying not to get beat up,” I replied. He chuckled, making my heart skip a beat.

            “Name’s Andy. This is Scout, my girlfriend,” I felt my heart break as he said that. He stuck his hand out.

            “CC,” I said taking his hand and shaking it.

            “Cool name,” he said laughing. His girlfriend looked ready to kill me, “So how old are you?”


            “I’m 18. Got a car?”

            “Yeah it’s the black Stratus with the license plate that says ‘KnivsNPens,’” I replied.

            “You know I sing that song right?”

            “Really? So you’re Andy Sixx?”

            “Yeah no big deal,” he said relaxed.

            “I’m actually a huge fan,” I said blushing. He raised his eyebrow then flipped his black hair. The teacher walked in the room and came over to me. She told me that I had to introduce myself to the class. Oh god I have to say my real name! When the bell rang she told me to come to the front.

            “This is our new student. She is from from Cleveland and will be joining us for the last semester. What is your name sweetie?”


            “Your real name not your nickname.”

            “Christina Mora..” I hated my name more than anything thing in the world. My dad had named me the closest he could get to Christian.

            “That’s a very pretty name!”

            “Yeah just call me CC,” I mumbled. I sat back down in my seat and pushed my purple bangs away from my brown eyes.


Later that day when I got home I was greeted by my kitten, Jinx, “Hey Jinxer winxer!” I said picking her up and kissing her head. I held her in my arms and walked to the fridge there was a note, “Be home at 7 dinner’s pizza, luv you!"I read to myself. I looked at Jinx, “Looks like we’re alone till seven,” I walked to the living room and sat on the couch and turned on the TV. I searched for my favorite show, Pokémon. My dad and I used to watch it together when I was little, but not anymore. There was a knock at the door. I looked to see Andy. I opened it, “Why’d you follow me?”

“Actually we’re neighbors and I’m home alone. I hate being alone,” he replied. I told him to come in and we sat on the couch, “So me and Scout broke up.”


“Yeah seems that she wanted to be with some Kyle guy. I don’t really care. She was a pain in my ass,” he staring at the ceiling. I nodded and did the same. I looked at my phone. It was 4:10. Dad will be home soon.

“I don’t date anyone. Too much drama,” he looked at me and I met his gaze. His eyes were sweet and loving like he was in love.

“Tell me about you,”

“Well I’ve never kissed a guy, never went on a date, and was homeschooled most of my life,” he looked almost shocked. Then he pulled me closer to him and wrapped his arm around me. I breathed deeply. He leaned in and his lips brushed against mine and then

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!” My dad’s voice rang in my ears. Shit. Andy got up, wide eyed and nervous. I bowed my head down, ready to be grounded till my birthday in 3 months. I was pulled off the couch by the arm and came nose to nose with my dad’s anger filled eyes, “Are you gonna answer me, Christina?” I looked back at Andy who was blushing like crazy.

“I-I,” I felt tears of fear swell up in my eyes, “I DON’T KNOW!” He looked even angrier now that I yelled.

“Well it looks to me that you had a boy over when I was gone AND were about to KISS him!” He scowled, “Go to your room! And you,” he pointed at Andy,” go home! Never speak to her again!”

“SCREW YOU CHRISTAIN!” I yelled. He looked back to me. His brown eyes were blood red. I felt a stinging sensation in my cheek. I was on the floor. 


“Really I believe I just did.” I saw him hit Andy and then Andy was next to me on the floor, unconscious. I saw black

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