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2. The first morning

I woke up to my Aunt beating on my door to wake me up for school. I was awake but I never answered her saying "Yes I am up." She threw a shovel at me saying to dig a 6 foot hole in the backyard to bury my dog. She said she "accidentally" ran over him with her car. I had that dog since I was 8. My mom and I went to the pet store to look around. But instead I saw a puppy I really liked and it seemed like he liked me too. So we bought him. He was the only thing I had that was only mine and my moms. I got up, and screamed why did you do that!? She slapped me saying shut up and go get ready for hell. She inrolled me into a military school I was terrified of. This was my first day there. I put my uniform on. went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and hair. I went outside and walked to the bus stop. Little kids, about 5 years old to like 11 years old pointed at me and laughed at me because I look like a guy. I didn't choose to dress like this. I hate these kind of clothing. 

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