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3. That same day

The bus arrived at the school. I got off, went to the main office. I was the only girl who had her hair in a braided bun. Everyone was starring at me. I looked at them and said move on, I'm not a fucking model. They hurried away. The secretary looked at me like she was afraid of me or something. I said were's my schedule? She handed it to me. I turned around and when I did, I ran into a tall, blonde, muscular guy. I said sorry I'm new here. He said I can tell. I said umm how? He said no one has ever said the things you did to cadet Sierra. She is in charge of everyone here. I smiled and he said beautiful smile, what classes do you have. I handed him my schedule. He stated that we have all the same classes. And our lockers are next to each other. He walked my to all of our classes. Cadet Sierra looked pissed, but more like jealous. I knew there was a dance next friday. I found out in 2nd period she was about to ask him thursday at lunch. But I asked him right after 2nd the next day. He happily said yes. And said So its a date? I smiled and walked away. He turned me around saying by the way my name is James. I giggled and I said my name is Katie.

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