When it happened

It was life changing he saved my life that moment is not to be forgotten


1. chapter 1

Hope you enjoy 💋

Niall's POV

My band mates just left I was had nothing to do I was so bored. I was wondering what to do. I was always fussy to we're I stay and what I do with my life and now I'm stranded in a cheep run down hotel because of a bloody stalker.

I started to unpack and I heard screaming, I though it was the only one here as was like a dollar I night that was how bad it is. Anyways I ran down the hall I got closer to the noise it sounded like fighting. Weather to knock on the door or not ?? I heard a strong male voice shout at what I think is a little girl and a other voice witch was female but she sounded older.

I knocked on the door...... Silence broke.

"Shut up I will deal with them don't make a sound and keep your stupid little daughter I mean rat under control"

I was upset to hear this it was like two young girls were being bullied. The strange man walked out of the door.



"Hurry up I have business to do"

"Do you know who I am"

"Why should I"

"Any way I'm Niall. Niall Horan you know out of the band one direction"

"And why are you here"

" i am here to see what all the shouting and the screaming is about"

"It has nothing to do with you"

"Anyway I didn't catch your name ??"

"James now go run of to your amazing rich bloody stupid life and I never want to see you again"

I walked of this 'James' was rude. Just before I got to my room I herd 'HELP'

I knew something wasn't right so I had to find out and that is what I will do.

That night I was Curious of what I had herd. I laid there thinking, thinking if I didn't to anything then who would. I got my self worked up so I grabbed some water. Trying to picture what might be going on in my head I thought that if I didn't asked fast two lives my just be taken over.

I tried telling myself maybe they were just arguing or something, so I left it.

That was it for the night.

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