There was once an Old Man

A girl intent on figuring out the reality behind the myth in her town may bite off more then she can chew...


1. Myths and Legends

There are always myths and legends about a town no matter where you live, I found it strange how people's minds could come up with these amazing stories and keep them going from child to child ensuring that the story would never die... because that's all myths are stories.

My story starts at a bonfire. I was a girl just turned 18 with dyed blonde hair and a fashion sense like I should have been born in the 50's, which was a good thing because it meant men rarely ever tried picking me up. Tonight was one of those rare occasions, I saw a semi-attractive guy looking me over. 

'Oh great, here we go' I thought to myself.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a prude, I've had boyfriends.. and sex, I'm just not comfortable with the whole concept of a one night stand, which is what guys generally went to parties for.
The man started walking towards me. I let out a barely audible sigh and turned back to my drink.

"Did you fall from heaven?" Where the first words out of his mouth.

"Really?" I said. "Really?! That is the pick-up line you chose to use, out of all the pick-up lines?"

Was this guy serious?

He got up close to me and the over powering smell of alcohol surrounded me.
"Baby don't play games"

God, he was wasted. I shifted uncomfortably away from him.. And as I suspected he shuffled even closer.
That's when he showed up, he was the one person at the party I had not noticed but should of, he was the definition of average but to me he looked gorgeous.
"Are you hassling this women" he said. More calm and collected then I would have been able to manage, I was close to throttling the drunken stranger.
"Nah mate, we were just having a chat" 
"Doesn't look like she wants this chat"

"I really don't" I piped in.

He gently lifted the drunk to his feet and directed him to far away from me and then walked back.
"On behalf of man-kind I am sorry" He held out his hand. "Derek by the way"

"Clarissa" I shook his hand.
"Can I get you a drink Clarissa?" He said.

So I let him, we talked next to the fire for hours, and then he mentioned it.
"Have you heard about the Old Man on Taylor st" he said.
"Who?" My curiosity spiked instantly.
"There's a tale that goes around this town about the Old Man of Taylor St, no one knows his name, no one has even seen him not even to get food, he just get's it delivered to his door" He stopped to take another mouthful of his drink. "They say he's already dead, he killed himself after drowning his kids and he hasn't been able to rest ever since, he's waiting for them to come home so whenever anyone enters his house he traps them and kills them as a way to deal with the loss he has been through"

Silence filled the air and suddenly the air seemed to get colder. My interest was sparked though.
"Let's go visit the Old Man then" 

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