I Watch You From Afar

Michael Davis is in high school with the beautiful Zoe Sugg and he is completely in love with her but she has no idea. He's just a nerdy boy who people bully, why would she care about him? He starts watching her, drawing her, filming her. The little crush soon turns into an obsession and he wants to help her, help her get over her anxiety, help her realise that he's the one that she needs to be with. But, what if his plan doesn't work?
Loosely based on 'Your Secret Admirer' by CreepyMcPasta on youtube


4. The Birthday Party


I am so proud of myself I dealt with a problem all by myself. ‘What did I do?’ you’re probably asking, well let me tell you. I put chlorine on a cloth and put it on his face so that he would go unconscious, do you realise how heavy he is? I had to pull him into the school without anyone knowing what I was doing, luckily no one wants to be in that area at any time so I had all the time in the world. I tied him up onto a chair and waited for him to wake up. When he finally did he started yelling at me so I kicked him in the nuts and shouted at him to shut up or I’ll chop off his balls. Not very nice to hear when you’re tied up with a psychopath in front of you. I had a plan and I know that you would hate me for it.

My plan started with me cutting your boyfriend’s legs from his knees to his ankles while he screamed out in pain, I enjoyed hearing him scream and curse. I watched him bleeding and laughed, you wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much as I did. I cut his legs so that he could feel real pain before he died. Next, I poured gasoline all over him and that was the part of the plan I was looking forward too and it was worth it. Gasoline doesn’t come cheap, you know? He asked me what I was doing the whole way through and I just smiled at him. Then I lit a match and threw it at him.

I watched him screaming and burning for ages, I filmed it for you so that we could watch it together on my birthday. I was so excited for you to be in my house but I was scared that my parents would embarrass me so I decided to pay them a little visit. The next day was the day of my party and I talked to my parents for an hour in their room before guests started arriving. The night was going to be amazing.


There was still no sign of Derek the next day and I was really, really worried. I just wanted him to be okay. Joe was so excited about going to Michael’s party and I had to go with him no matter what, I wasn’t going to let him be in the same house with that psycho without me. I got ready and went to the party even though I was still upset.

Michael sat us all down in front of the TV and stood in front of us.
“There’s snacks and drinks in my kitchen and if you want to put on some music that’s okay, just have some fun and then in an hour we will come back here so we can watch a movie,” He said. “Okay, you can all go have some fun.” I held Joe’s hand and I wasn’t prepared to let go any time soon.
“Let go, Zoe, I want to have some fun,” Joe said, trying to shake my hand off.
“Fine but stay with Mark, you like Mark.” Joe sighed and went to Mark and they started talking just as Michael came up to me.
“Hi, Zoe, I’m so glad that you came.” I nodded. “I’m just going to go put on some music, I’ll be right back.” He walked away and while he was gone I decided to go find the toilet, I went upstairs and opened some doors that were bedrooms and closets. Then I found a bedroom that looked like his parent’s room. There was a strange smell in the room and I went into the room and looked around, the smell was coming from the wardrobe. I opened it and fell backwards at what I saw. His parents’ charred corpses. I closed the wardrobe doors and ran downstairs to find Joe who was dancing with Mark. I grabbed him by his wrist and he tried to pull away.
“Hey, what are you doing?” He asked, pushing me away. “What’s wrong?”
“We have to go, right now,” I whispered to him and tried to open the front door which was locked, I cursed under my breath as the clock chimed to signal the hour.
“Okay everyone, movie time!”

We all sat down in front of the TV, I was holding onto Joe’s hand for dear life. I was ready to run at the first sign of trouble. Michael put on a movie and we were all sitting there, tensely, as it started. We were watching in dead silence and then there was a picture of Derek on the screen, tied up to a chair. I was about to scream, Joe looked absolutely terrified and Michael was grinning. Michael came onto screen and slit Michael’s legs while he screamed in agony, I covered my mouth in horror. I was about to be sick, Lindsay was sick. Next, Michael covered Derek in gasoline while Derek asked what was going on. Michael lit a match and threw it at him, he burned and this time I screamed, I screamed and cried hysterically as I watched Derek slowly become still. Michael stood up in front of us.
“You should now realise that I’m a psychopath, you should all probably run now,” He said and held up a knife, we were all still in shock. “Run!” We all got up and started running, some people went towards the front door.
“It’s locked! Don’t bother!” I yelled and ran upstairs with Joe, I found the bathroom and locked it. “We need to be quiet, Joe.”
“What’s going on, Zoe?”  Joe asked, he was shaking with fear.
“Michael is crazy and he is dangerous, we have to get away from him.”
“Come out, come out wherever you are,” Michael said on the landing outside. I was terrified and sat on the floor, shaking. I didn’t know what to do.

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