I Watch You From Afar

Michael Davis is in high school with the beautiful Zoe Sugg and he is completely in love with her but she has no idea. He's just a nerdy boy who people bully, why would she care about him? He starts watching her, drawing her, filming her. The little crush soon turns into an obsession and he wants to help her, help her get over her anxiety, help her realise that he's the one that she needs to be with. But, what if his plan doesn't work?
Loosely based on 'Your Secret Admirer' by CreepyMcPasta on youtube


5. End


I had a plan to run away. I looked out the window that was in the bathroom and the drop wasn’t too far, there was also bushes on the ground outside so it was a soft landing. I opened the window and turned to Joe.
“Joe, we need to jump out of the window so we can get away. I want you to go first, Michael’s out there right now so we both have time to get away.” Joe didn’t even think about it, he jumped out and I jumped after him. “Come on, let’s go.” I grabbed his hand and we ran all the way home, when we got in it was silent. “Mum? Dad?” I looked in all the rooms with Joe and they weren’t there, Joe and sat in my room and I looked around for some sort of clue for where they went. I found a note but it wasn’t from my parents, it was from Michael.

Dear Zoe,
I have been watching you and filming you for quite some time and I just wanted to let you know that I love you. I know that you’re scared of me but I’m not scary, I just have problems. I’ve dealt with your problems, your parents. They have been disposed of and you’re screaming right now, I know that you’ve read this and I am coming upstairs to keep you forever.
From Michael, your secret admirer.

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