Her and him

Kari was the cheerleader. A perfect jock boyfriend. More money than she knew what to do with.

Then she met a guy. A dangerous guy who can't seem to stay away from kari. Or she from him.

Together they both try to find themselves in each other. Until kari gets an offer she can't refuse. Will she stay or will this be the end for them?


5. birthdays and rain

Kari sighed. Luke had something going on. She just knew it. Lately he distanced himself from her. It upset her.

But kari pretended not to care. Her birthday was coming up. So kari was going to celebrate. It wasn't everyday you turned eighteen.

When she got home Luke was waiting in his car. Kari would never tell, but she was kinda of horny. So she jumped in his car. It smelled of sex.

And chips. Nachos. Someone had just had sex in Luke's car. "Yes?" She asked Luke. Before she had time to blink, she was pinned down to the seats.

"Do you know how many times I wanted to fuck you this week?"

"Why don't you?"

"Other things to do."

"Oh." Kari looked down and bit her trembling lip.

Suddenly Luke was comforting her. He held her as a few tears slipped out.

"I'm not all lovie dovie kari, I'm sorry."

"You don't have to be." Kari brought her lips to his own.


"That was awesome, mind-

"Luke, shut up please."

"Aww come on, you know you loved it too."

"Ehh it was okay."

"Really." He rolled on top on her.

"Well- a knock on the window startled them.

Since his windows were dark tinted nobody could see. That was good. Kari's mom was at the window.

Kari tossed her clothes on. Fixed her hair. And out the car. But not without a long kiss from Luke.

His car pulled away. Kari missed him already.

"Hey mom." Kari said casually.

"Daughter." Uh-oh her mom was pissed.

"What's wrong?"

"Oh nothing. I just heard that my daughter broke up with brad." Kari rolled her eyes. Her mom adored brad.

"I just wasn't feeling it."

With that she walked in the house.


A few days later it was Kari's birthday. Luke seemed to be ignoring her, again.

Kari sighed. Not even a text.

All day sucked. No special treatment. From anyone.

Still no text from Luke.

Kari walked home. Her car broke down. She had to walk in the rain.

Kari opened her door.

"SURPRISE." A bunch of screams shouted. It was all her friends.

Kari smiled. There still was no Luke. She sighed and enjoyed the party.

Well as much as she could. Without Luke.

Suddenly her phone rang. It was a text from Luke telling her to come outside.

Kari went outside, well more like skipped.

There he was. All in his glory. Kari ran up and hugged him.

He hugged back. Then he leaned into her ear. "I've got a surprise for you."

Luke put his hands over her eyes. They were warm and rough. He guided her to somewhere.

She was giddy. What was his surprise? Were her only thoughts.

She opened her eyes. And blinked. Her mouth gaped. It was a motorcycle. Actually two. One pink and one red.

Kari's said her name. His said his name. But was surprised her was the helmets.

Luke's helmet was pink and Kari's guy. Kari's was red and said Luke's gal.

She turned and hugged him, again. Warms arms wrapped around her.

Inside they faintly heard ambers shrieks.

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