Her and him

Kari was the cheerleader. A perfect jock boyfriend. More money than she knew what to do with.

Then she met a guy. A dangerous guy who can't seem to stay away from kari. Or she from him.

Together they both try to find themselves in each other. Until kari gets an offer she can't refuse. Will she stay or will this be the end for them?


2. Barnes and noble

It was morning. Kari was a little sore but happy. She took a shower, humming. Then she got dressed in a yellow sun dress with yellow flats. Deciding to leave her hair down kari left her room.

Her phone rang. It was brad. She groaned and answered.


"I'm sorry. But my car broke down and I had to stay all night till they repaired my car."

"Oh." Kari felt a little guilty for accusing him of something he never did. And having sex on a counter. Gosh she was never going to forget that.

"Well I'll make it up to ya."

Kari started to protest feeling guilty but he insisted.

"It will be fine. After dinner we'll go to the party Kay?"

Before kari could protest he hung up. She sighed already feeling her happiness float away. Kari ate a bowl of cereal and left.

Her car was a pink slug bug. She had decorated the inside with fuzzy everything. Actually her friend did that.

Kari went to the mall. Shopping at for books made her feel happy, even though her friends didn't know. She did this every Saturday, alone.

Barnes and noble was a pretty sight with overpriced books and that smell of the library. She was about to go inside when she heard him.


He was talking in that deep gruff voice to his friends. Kari quickly walked away before he could spot her. Inside Barnes and noble was peaceful and quiet.

But his voice got closer and closer so kari ducked down. Then an announcement was made.

A deep voice spoke. "Excuse me miss in the yellow sundress, will you please stand up?"she stood up seeing Luke on the speaker. She gaped at him. How was he doing this?

He continued. "Now walk over to me. You know the guy who fucked you on the counter last night." He was smirking but his eyes were lusty and hungry from the memory.

Kari glared at him and stubbornly stood still. His friends were laughing so hard they had tears coming out of there eyes.

"Oh did I mention it was your counter. Your family probably eats there. I bet you were too tired to clean it up because I fucked your brains out."

Kari glared harder then walked away.

"Oh I love that ass. I would like to bend it over a des-"

"Enough", kari screamed. She walked over to him and grabbed his shoulders.

He smirked about to say something when she kneed him where the sun didn't shine.

He groaned falling the floor. She bent by his ear. "Names kari. P.s. Your horrible at sex. Get some tips or pointers." She lied. Then she walked away.

Mothers were glaring at kari and covering their child's ears. Kari rolled her eyes walking out of the store.


"Thanks again for dinner." Kari told brad. She felt like telling him she was sorry. But then he would ask why. She didn't want to get into that.

She was feeling really, really guilty. But since he was brad he didn't notice.

Brad was a jock. Since they were seniors he practiced a lot more. But that made him not all that smart.

They got to the party. It was one of brads friends houses.

Kari looked up. She could barely see the stars in all the light. She looked back at the crowded party and made her choice.

"Uh brad I'm gonna walk a bit, okay?"

"Okay want me to go with babe?"

She told him no and walked off. In the forest by the house it was more quiet. She looked for a place she could see the stars.

Then she heard moaning, very loud moaning. She looked up and gasped. It was Luke and a girl against a tree. They were very engaged in each other. So kari walked slowly away.

A stupid branch snapped under her. She gritted her teeth and he slowly turned around. His blue-green eyes were angry. Then he saw her. And what did he do? Well the guy smirked. His eyes turned lusty. Then she backed away and fell.

The world went dark.


She woke up to Luke in a hospital. He was standing beside her.

"Where's brad? He supposed to be here. It's apart of his-"

Luke growled. "Apart of his what?"

"His contract." She whispered.

"His what?"

"My dad doesn't think I know that he signed a boy over to me."

Suddenly he stood over her bed. The heart monitor sped up.

"Well he will never have you again. Or anyone else!" The intensity in his eyes scared her yet turned her on.


He growled. "Because your mine." And with that he kissed her with raw passion.

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