Her and him

Kari was the cheerleader. A perfect jock boyfriend. More money than she knew what to do with.

Then she met a guy. A dangerous guy who can't seem to stay away from kari. Or she from him.

Together they both try to find themselves in each other. Until kari gets an offer she can't refuse. Will she stay or will this be the end for them?


7. all is clear

Days went by. Luke never called or texted kari.

Not one.

Kari was sad. She checked her phone every second. Hoping and praying it was Luke.


Memories of the kisses, the looks, and the hand holding was what got kari through the day.

She missed him. So much it wasn't even humanly possible.

This was new to kari. She had never felt an ache. A longing for someone.

Months went by painfully slowly.

Kari thought of him.

His smirk.

The eyes that seemed to pierce her.

Amber forced kari to go to a party. Kari chose her clothes.

After getting makeup and hair done, she went downstairs. To Amber and her entourage.

They all gaped at her.

Gina, one of the nice ones gave kari a compliment.

Kari smiled a 'thank you' smile at her.

Then they went outside. Kari hopped in ambers car.

It was a beauty, that kari was jealous of.

As they headed to the party, Amber would not shut up.


Kari had a headache. Ambers voice was high. Like chalk on nails, screeching making your head burst.

She ran out of the car. Losing Amber and everyone else.

As soon as she was inside kari sat down. She took a deep shaky breathe.

The air stunk. Smelled like pee. Cat pee.

It made her want to vomit and she wasn't drunk.

Kari sat there on the smelly couch.

She stopped counting.

Just watched as others walked by.

Finally she had to pee.

Really bad.

Kari ran speedy fast into the nearest room.

But the second she opened the door, all pee thoughts were forgotten.

Because of what she saw.

The guy she loved with the girl who hated them together.

They were naked. Fucking like they owned each other.

"Luke? Amber?" Kari spoke. Her lower lip trembled making her voice seem small. And weak.

The two looked up. Ambers eyes were taunting her.

But Luke's eyes were a different story. He may have been smirking, but his eyes held her world.

Kari saw the need for her in his eyes. He missed her. As he held her gaze for those few seconds, kari knew.

He had left because he was afraid.

But he loved her.

It was all clear now.

But then the gaze hardened. And kari turned away.

She closed the door and slumped against it.

Letting out a long breath, a tear slipped through.

The door started to open.

Kari ran away.

She ran away from the party.

Away from Luke.

She ran and ran.

Until she was in a forest.

Kari sat down against a tree.


Police sounds woke kari up.

She didn't know where she was. She was kind of cold.

Kari was on a soft mattress. It was very soft. Like a feather on a cloud. Kari felt she was floating.

She looked up. A rerun of the show cops was going on.

There was also a muscled back watching it. A very sexy back. One she knew well.

Kari sat up. She was somehow only wearing a shirt with her undies.

The sexy back turned. Kari pulled up the blankets so he wouldn't see.

"Luke why am I here?" Kari asked.

He sighed running his fingers through his hair. "I'm going to tell you something. I want you to listen. Okay?"

Before kari could answer he blurted.

"I love you."

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