Her and him

Kari was the cheerleader. A perfect jock boyfriend. More money than she knew what to do with.

Then she met a guy. A dangerous guy who can't seem to stay away from kari. Or she from him.

Together they both try to find themselves in each other. Until kari gets an offer she can't refuse. Will she stay or will this be the end for them?


6. a super pissed off chick

The night passed. Luke couldn't stay. He said sorry. But gave her a tingly kiss.

The next day kari faced ambers questions. "I saw you with that guy. Are you dating?"

Kari smiled. "Sort of. Catch you guys later. Bye."

She left. Ambers blood was probably boiling.

At lunch kari sat down. She caught brads pained gaze.

She was about to eat when someone took her fry and covered her eyes. She smiled. "Guess who?"

"The guy who has a small dick." Kari smirked.

A fry was spit out. She was lift out of her seat. "I'll show you who has a small dick." She was dragged out of the lunch room.

She was shoved in a car.

With a possessive growl he claimed his lips over hers.

Tongues rubbed against each other.


"Small dick."

Luke glared at her. "Off to class you go." He shoved her out of the car.

Luke followed into all her classes. Kari rolled her eyes.

He held her hand. Gave her little looks. Hugged her for no reason. The guy had it bad.

But so did kari.

At the end of the day a smirking Amber walked to them. "Luke nice to see, you again. Couldn't get enough last night."

They weren't listening. In this moment they were cuddled into one another, fingers interlocked. In fact they heard nothing Amber said.

Kari's eyes locked with his. They said so much at once.

"GOSH DANG IT." Amber screamed.

Kari still didn't notice. By now people were taking notice of the in love couple.

Still they did not notice. Instead he lead her to his car.


"I love you, Luke." Kari blurted.

It shocked him.

A lot.

So much he kicked her out of his car. And sped off.

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