The switch

What happens when the principal calls autumn to his office and tells her life changing news.


5. chapter 5

Chapter 5 of the switch

*a year later*

Autumns P.O.V

"Bye! I'll text you Ella!! I screamed from the cab."

Everybody smiled and waved. I couldn't believe that I am going to be spending sophomore year in England with clary. We had gotten so close over the school year, we told each other everything which for me wasn't much. Liam and I didn't date again. We talked and still watched movies together but as friends. Most of the time he had some girl over which I didn't mind because that meant I could focus more on my grades while Liam flunked and got kicked off of the football team. I looked at clary in the seat next to me. "I can't believe that we are going to England." She squealed. I laughed and nodded. The driver pulled into the parking lot of the airport and helped us get our luggage out. I'm so glad my mom gave me money to buy clothes with because I can't fit in any of my clothes from last year. We walked through the airport and to our gate."humph." A guy said plopping down next to me. He was wearing sunglasses and a beanie. "Are you okay?" I asked. "Yeah I'm fine just kind of hard getting here." He had a deep Australian accent. "Oh I'm sorry. So are you going to England to?" I questioned. "Yeah, London actually and you?" He answered. "Same.""Oh this is my friend." I pointed to clary. They waved at each other. "Flight 13 is now boarding." We all got up and walked towards the tunnel.

The plane was huge,there was enough room for all of us to sit in one row. He sat next to the window. "So what are your names?" He questioned.

"Mines autumn and that's clary."

"Mines Ashton." He answered smiling. "So why are you going to London?" I asked. "I got an offer to be signed to a record label and they have better schools there." He smiled wider. "Then why do you have an Australian accent?" "I just came to America on a trip because I wanted to see California ." I nodded. "Please fasten your seat belts and put your trays in the upright position." I lifted my head up and the flight attendant was staring at me. "Can I help you?" I asked. "Uh um s-sorry." She looked behind me and stared for a split second before walking off. She looked about 19. I looked at Ashton he was trying to hold back a laugh. "How old are you?" I asked him. "16 and you?" "16." I answered. He smiled and looked out the window. I looked to my left and clary was talking to the guy sitting next to us. He looked to be about our age. I closed my eyes and put my head against the head rest. Before I knew it, I was out like a light. "Autumn, wake up." Ashton whispered in my ear. I shot up. "Where are we?" I asked calming down. "We landed." He answered. I nodded and un-buckled my seat. I stood up and walked out of the plane with Ashton following behind me. "Here." Ashton said handing me a Piece of paper. His number was printed in a quick scrawl. I smiled and he ran off towards a man holding a sign with his name on it. I quickly typed his number into my phone and messaged him. (A-Ashton, at-autumn)

At- hey it's autumn😁

A-hey babe, how you doin?😘

I laughed and typed back-

At- doin great, just thinking of your sexy body.😍

A- haha who are you and clary going to live with?

At- idk we are still looking for them. I'll text you whenever I get settled in bye👋

I put my phone away and searched the airport. "Aha! I found them clary!" I grabbed my bags and walked towards the lady holding a neon pink sign with our names on it. "Hello." She chirped. I smiled." C'mon I'll help you put your bags in the car." She ushered us to her car. There was a guy sitting in the back seat of the car and one In the front seat. I slid into the back seat of the SUV next to the guy and clary hopped in next to me. "Hi guys my name is Aly and this is my husband Charles." Aly said motioning to the man next to her. "Hi." Clary and I said in unison. I looked at the guy next to me. "Ashton?" I questioned. He smiled. "Hello." He said. "Oh you know each other?" Aly questioned. "Yeah we met at the airport in America." Clary told her.

We pulled into the drive way of there house. I stepped out of the car and walked in the front door. From the entry way there where a set of stairs. "We have one son. He's your age. 2 of you will have to share a room together and one of you has to share a room with my son, his name is Drew." We all nodded and carried our bags upstairs. We all piled into the empty bedroom. "Ok let's figure out who sleeps where. How about the boys in one room and girls in this one?" Clary said. "Well I'd like to practice my music and I don't want to bother him." Ashton said. "I'm a light sleeper." Clary mentioned. "I'm not, so how about me and Ashton and you and drew." I asked. She nodded and walked out of the room with her bags.

"Um there's only one bed." I said looking at the room.

"I guess we will have to share." He walked over to one of the dressers and started unpacking his suitcase. I sighed and walked over to the bed and laid down. "Aren't you going to unpack?" Ashton asked. "Sooner or later." I answered. He turned back around and started putting more clothes in the drawer. I kicked my shoes off and got under the covers and slowly started to drift into a deep sleep.

{okay sorry for the short chapter}

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