The switch

What happens when the principal calls autumn to his office and tells her life changing news.


4. chapter 4

Chapter 4 of the switch

"Beep beep beep" I lay there at airing at the ceiling. "Where am I?" I asked the nurse standing next to me looking at a clipboard. She jumped. "You're in a hospital. Do you remember what happened?" I thought for a second before saying,"uh I was at a party and I ran out and I was hit by a car or maybe a truck I don't know it's a little fuzzy." "Ok we'll do you remember why you ran out of the party." She questioned. " because I walked in on my boyfriend kissing a girl." I answered. "Ok do you know how long it's been since the crash?" I looked outside and the sun was shining through the cream colored curtains. "A few hours?" I asked unsure. "Actually you have been out for a 3 days. We have notified your mom. You are still going to continue going to school here." She said. I nodded and laid back onto my pillow. "Autumn I was so worried about you they wouldn't let me come and see you!" Clary said running into the room. "Hi clary." I said. The doctor came in and sat in the chair next to me. "It looks like you can be discharged today whenever you're ready." He said patting my knee. I smiled and looked at clary. She helped me out of bed and I put clothes and makeup on to look presentable. "I'm home!" I yelled when I walked through the door. Liam and his band was sitting on the couch watching soccer. I quickly turned around and walked into the kitchen. I forgot he lived here. "AUTUMN YOURE HOME!!" Jaxon yelled running into the kitchen after me. He wrapped his arms around me and I smiled and hugged him back. The rest of the boys came in including Liam. "Welcome home autumn!" Liam's mom Patricia said. She left her pot on the stove and gave me a hug. I looked at Liam out of the corner of my eye. He stood stalk still with his hands on his sides. I smiled and took my bag from the hospital that someone brought me. Ella came running down stairs and tackled me. "To tight." I whispered. "Oh sorry." She said. She let go of me and I took a relieved breath. We walked up stairs together. I sat on the bed." I'm so tired."I said. "You have been sleeping for 3 days how can you be tired." We both laughed and I fell back on the bed. "Liam has been so worried about you. He only comes out of his room to get food and go to the bathroom. He said he feels like it's his fault you were hit by the car." She said. I scoffed " it is his fault. If he didn't make out with that girl at the party I wouldn't have been hit by that car." I said angrily. "Don't be mad at him he explained to me what happened if you just listen then you would understand." I huffed and laid back up. I walked out of the room towards the bathroom that connected to Liam's room. I opened the door and slowly walked in. I looked at myself In the mirror and shut my eyes. I heard a muffled cry. I turned around and Liam was laying in the bath tub. "What are you doing?" I asked him without emotion. "I-I heard."he whispered. "What?" I asked confused. "I h-heard what you said t-to Ella." He said a little louder. "Oh." I said. "Can I at least explain what happened." He pleaded. "You have 5 minutes." I said. He clambered out of the tub and took my hand and pulled me out of the bathroom. We sat down on the bed and he looked at me straight in the eye. "What happened that night was a mistake. I drank a little to much and I went up stairs to find the bathroom and when I walked out of the bathroom there was girl on the bed and she had obviously had to much to drink and she pretty much tackled me and started kissing me a little intensely I might add, and she had sat me up and that's when you walked in and she was holding my head really tight in her hands and that's when you walked in and I pulled away and you ran out of the room. I pushed her off of me and ran after you and when I couldn't find you I went to our house and I didn't come out and I haven't come out of my room until I heard that you were home and safe." He finished. "That was 6 minutes." I whispered. He chuckled and grabbed my face and kissed me.

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