The switch

What happens when the principal calls autumn to his office and tells her life changing news.


3. chapter 3

Chapter 3 of the switch

Autumn's P.O.V

*2 months later*

Summer is over and now Liam and I are going to school. I walk into the kitchen and pull out a bowl from a cabinet. "Want some cereal?" I asked Liam and Ella as they walked in. "Sure." I pulled out 2 more bowls and grabbed the cereal from the pantry. "Here." I said pushing the cereal towards them. "Thank you." They said in unison. I laughed and ate my own cereal. "Ready?" Liam asked As we where about to walk in side. I nodded and took Liam's hand and walked through the doors and into the office. "Hello and welcome to Jaxon high school we will be having teachers hand out your schedules in alphabetical order by your last name." One of the teachers ,I guessed,said as we where sitting down in the auditorium. "Now if you would all please go stand in lines where you see the first letter of your last name." Everyone got up at the same time. We made our way to our lines. I finally got up to the front. "Name?" The lady asked. "Autumn price." She handed me the piece of paper without saying anything. I just sat back down in one of the chairs and looked at my schedule. Great, I have drama for my first class. "Everyone you may now go to your first class." I met up with Liam in the hallway. "What's your first class?" He asked. "Drama, you?" "English." I sighed and hugged him. "Bye." I said before walking off. I walked into the classroom and sat next to a girl in the back." My name is clary, what's yours?" She asked. "My name is autumn." Me and clary talked for a while and it turns out we have all of our classes together. "Do you want to go catch lunch?" I ask as the bell rings. "Yeah sure, where do you want to go?" She asked. "Taco bell?" I said. "Sounds good to me." We walked out of the front door of the building and get into my car. "Oh wait let me text Liam and ask if he wants to go." I said. ~do u want to go to Taco Bell with us?~ I asked. He answered back immediately. ~yeah sure.~ he walks toward the car and climbs in the back seat. "Liam this is clary, clary this is liam." I say."Hello" liam says to clary. "Hi" she smiles. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~•~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"What can I get you guys?" The guy at the front counter says. "Niall?" I ask. "Yes." He says. I stand there surprised that he's still there without saying anything. We gave him our orders and sat down at a table next to the window. "You know niall horan?!?" Clary whisper yelled. "Yeah, I thought you knew?"

I answered non-chalantly. "No I didn't know!!" She said. "Hello girls mind of I sit with you?" Niall asked staring me in the eye. "Yeah sure." He plopped down in the chair next to clary. Liam walked out of the bathroom. "We ordered you a taco." I told him. "K." Was all he said. He sat down next to me and we all started talking about school and we asked niall about his band and stuff. "Guys we should all hang out tonight!" Clary said when we all finished eating. "I can't I'm going back to Ireland tomorrow and I have to wake up early." Niall said looking at her sympathetically. "I can't either I have football after school from 4:30 to 8:30." Liam told her. She look at me with a pleading look in my eye. "I'm free." I said smiling. "OOH it will be like a girls night haha." She laughed and picked up her trash and threw it away. "So when do you want to meet?" I asked her when school was over. "You can just come home with me, there is suppose to be a party tonight."she said. I nodded and we piled into her car. "You can just wear some of my clothes." She said when we walked into her room. "Here put this on." She threw me a pink crop top and denim shorts from American eagle. By the time we finished getting ready it was already 5:30 and the party started at 5:00. "Well now we are fashionably late." I said. Clary and I both laughed. We walked into the front door and there where people dancing on tables, swimming in the pool and there was a kiddie pool filled with whipped cream that people where jumping in. "Let's get a drink or something." Clary yelled over the music. I nodded and we made our way toward the kitchen and grabbed some lemonade. "I need to go to the bathroom." I told clary before stumbling up the carpeted stairs. Someone had obviously spiked the lemonade and I have had about 6 or 7 cups of it. I stumbled into one of the bedrooms and there was a boy and girl sitting on the bed making out. They pulled away and looked at me it took me a second to register who it was. "Liam?" I whispered. I ran out of the room with Liam calling after me. I ran until I couldn't run anymore. I was next to an ally and a gas station . "Autumn where are you?" I heard him yell I made my way down the ally and hid behind a dumpster. When I thought it was clear I walked out of the ally and across the road. *hoooooonk* I felt a pain in my side and then everything was black.


What do you guys think so far? I love my little leprechauns. -cat

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