The switch

What happens when the principal calls autumn to his office and tells her life changing news.


1. chapter 1

Chapter 1 of the switch

"Autumn price, please come to the principals office." Someone over the school intercom said. "Just 2 more days." I said to myself while walking out of the classroom. My name is autumn price I'm 15 years old and I'm in the 8th grade but in 2 days It will be summer and then I'll be a ninth grader. I pushed open the heavy glass door that opens into the main office. "Mr. Sparicino, would like to talk to you." I walked slowly to his office. "Am I in trouble?" I asked as I sat down In one of the red chairs in his office. "Actual I think you are going to like the news I am about to tell you. Since you have outstanding grades, you will be traveling to a new country for every year you will be in high school. You get to choose 4 country's you would like to go to. After high-school you will choose one country out of the four and you will go to college there. Your mom has ready agreed to this and all you have to do is right down on the dotted line what country's you would like to go to." He said finishing with a smile.i took the pen he handed me and wrote " 1st year - United States , 2nd year- England

3rd year - Australia, 4th year - Ireland." Since I live in Canada I choose the United States. "Since the day is almost over you should go home and pack because you're leaving when summer break starts and you'll be spending the summer and your first year of high school in L.A." I smiled and walked to my locker and got my stuff out including the pictures and everything I had hung up in there. I walked into my front door and my mom was sitting on the couch. "Hi honey, would you like me to help you pack." "Yea thanks mom. And mom are you sure you can handle me being away for 8 years? Especially since you'll be by yourself." I said remembering what had happened 3 years when my dad walked out on us. "I'll be fine honey you shouldn't be worrying about me." We started putting all my stuff in boxes and packing up my clothes leaving some clothes out for Thursday and friday. "All done." Me and my mom said at the same time laughing. I plopped on by bed. And fell asleep. *BEEP BEEP* my alarm sounded telling me I had to get up and go to the air port. I sat up and smacked it off of the table. Today is the day that I go to L.A. I'm scared and excited at the same time. It's 4:00 in the morning. I packed the last things I had to get out of my room. "I'm going to miss you so much mom." "I'll miss you to autumn." I stepped into the tunnel that takes you to the opening of the plane. I waved one more time before stepping into the plane. The good thing about leaving is that I don't have any friends to say goodbye because it would just make this trip 20x harder. I pushed my headphones into my ears and scrolled through my songs before clicking on "forever young" covered by one direction on the X-factor. I really like one direction but I'm not a complete fan girl. I looked around the airport for the person I'm suppose to be staying with. I see a girl who looks about my age holding a sign with my last name printed on it with flowers and hearts on it. "Hi you must be Ella." I said. "And you must be autumn." She gave me the same smile." So where are your parents?" I asked. "Oh they went and got your luggage and put it in the car." She answered. "Oh ok." "So how old are you?" She questioned" I'm 15, how about yourself?" "I'm 14 but I'll be 15 tomorrow actually." She said it like it was the biggest achievement. "We'll be sharing a room if you don't mind." She said "I don't mind at all , do you have any other siblings ?" I asked. "Yeah I have one brother he's 15 he turned in August , his name is liam." I looked around her room to see posters and cardboard cutouts of bands. "Your really like one direction and 5sos don't you?" I said "yea if it's a problem I can take it down." She said. "Actually I love one direction but I've never really listened to 5sos." "Oh my favorite in one direction is louis and my favorite in 5sos is Ashton." She said with a huge smile in her face. "My favorite is niall And I don't know any of them in 5sos." "Watch out she's about teach. You everything she knows about them." I'm guessing liam said. "Get out of here liam." Ella said while liam walked over to the liam Payne cardboard cutout. "Do we look a like?" he said standing next to it. I laughed. Smiling. He looked at me and winked. I don't know why but I blushed. He is cute though. "Get out of here liam!!" Ella yelled. "I'm going to go get a drink." I announced. Ella just nodded and shoved a pair of head phones in her ears. I walked down stairs and walked into the kitchen to see liam shirtless. "Why aren't you wearing a shirt?" I asked while staring at his abs. "Well by the looks of it you don't mind." He chuckled. "Ehuh um never mind." "Just so you know my band is coming over in a few and I want you to meet them." He said grabbing a Gatorade. "Ok." I reached into the fridge and grabbed a water bottle. As if it was planned 4 boys came running into the kitchen. "Liam who is this beautiful lady?" One of the boys that had green eyes and blonde hair said. "This is my girlfriend." Liam said grabbing my waist and pulling me towards him. "Uhh no I'm not , I'm an exchange student." I said smiling and the. Looking at liam giving him a glare while he just shrugged. "My name is autumn." "MINES JAXON!!" The one with green eyes and blonde hair said. "I'm jake." One of them with brown fluffy hair and hazel eyes said. "I'm Chanse." The one with short brown hair and dark brown eyes. "And I'm Mathew." The last one said he had brown hair and beautiful hazel eyes. I smiled "nice to meat you all." I walked back up stairs to Liam's room and sat on his bed waiting for the boys to come in. Jaxon ran in first and just about jumped on me. The rest if the boys came in and looked at me. "What are you doing in here?" Liam said. "I want to watch you guys play."I said smiling. I was really tired because of jet lag. They started playing and they where actually really good. I started falling asleep about and hour into there practice. Until I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

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