Welcome To Movellas: A Guide

Welcome to Movellas! This movella is for those who are new to movellas and have problems adjusting to a new environment! Worry not! Here are some tips to work it out! [I haven't even been here a year and look at me, acting all high and mighty]


4. Step Three: Creating A Movella [Part Two]


As I was saying, Creating a movella is an easy task.

I’m such a liar, I wasn’t saying that.

Anyway, back to the point :D

When you’re done with the “Save” you will be redirected to here:- (I know movellas does a lot of redirecting)

Here are the white boxes you must fill. Don’t search for the asterisks, they’re not here, but this is important.

Chapter 1: Title your chapter. Like: Chapter One. (LOL) Prologue, Chapter 1: Meet Savannah, So… My mom said…, 4th August 2013, anything :D Just don’t be confusing, like me.

The box below is your haven. That box will hold your creative thoughts :D

Type your chapter down or copy-paste from Word or any other application you have written.

[RoRo says- Don’t plagiarize! You can be sued, you know]

Anyway, apart from that, you can add in a cover.

See the right hand side column, 2. Cover (Click that)

From there, the instructions are pretty simple, so you’ll be able to do it on your own.

Look at you, all grown up now! *sob* Mommy’s going to miss you. Wait- I’m not your mom. Never mind. Just ignore me.

The other one is- 4. Co-Authors (Click that)

You will be prompted to enable co-authoring, accept it if you must.

It is not compulsory, it’s only there if you want to work on a movella with another movellian- sorry, movellan- no, movellist. I don’t know. Ignore that.

One other thing is that blue box below the Co-Authors.

Order Papella- It is there to make your movella turn into a physical form :D It is in it’s Beta Stages, and needs atleast 3,500 words to be available for publishing. Also, it is only available in select countries. Let’s hope your country is one of them :D

You can upload images and youtube videos onto your movellas :D Isn’t that great?

You can change fonts, font size, format and use the bold-italic-underlined-quotes thingy :D

I’m probably using a lot of smileys :D

Before I forget, do save it.

There are two options:

Save as Draft- Save and don’t make it accessible to the public (Exception: Early Access Mode, more on that later)

Save and Publish- Save and let everyone see it :D

There you go :D Your very own movella :D

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