Welcome To Movellas: A Guide

Welcome to Movellas! This movella is for those who are new to movellas and have problems adjusting to a new environment! Worry not! Here are some tips to work it out! [I haven't even been here a year and look at me, acting all high and mighty]


3. Step Three: Creating A Movella [Part One]


So, you have joined movellas- edited your profile, what’s next?

Creating A Movella, dear! Wasn’t it obvious?

If you want some fans, you have to have written a movella. Unless you’re Layla Tomlinson *shudder*…

Okay, here’s how we go about it.

First step see the stories button on the top right- no- left corner? Click it, and you shall find the ‘New Movella’ on the first column.


Hover around your new profile pic, and there shall be a drop down list. You shall find ‘New Movella’ there too, click it :D


As soon as you enter the website, there will be banner on the bottom of your screen telling you to create a movella.

Either way, it leads you to this:-

Remember the asterisks are not there to make the page look pretty, they are here to show which boxes must be filled!

Title: Give your book a name. Like: The Bittersweet Summer or Revenge of Klaus. Anything!

[RoRo says- Don’t make the title too long, it doesn’t appear to be interesting. For example: My Vampire Boyfriend Who Cheated On Me and Went Out With My Best Friend To Get Back At Me is plain bor- wait, that’s interesting! Just ignore me]

Category: This is one is important. You should be specific on this one. If you have written a Sci Fi movella, do not- I repeat- do not under any circumstances, categories it under Romance. You won’t be hitting the right audience. It’ll be like you’re selling Prada shoes to an absolute gamer guy.

As you will see, there will be plenty of options, but more on that later.

Language: Need I say more?

Rating: This one is important than important. If your movella has abuse or slangs- Yellow (13+). If it has sexual content- What the hell are you doing here? You think you’re E. L. James, huh? You do? Fine. It’s Red- Not the T-Swift song- the 16+. If it’s normal and suitable for all, I <3 YOU! It’s Green :D

Status: In Progress/ Complete movella. I don’t think it’ll be complete as of this stage, but anyway- your call.

About the Story: Write a cool and interesting blurb. Don’t be boring! In the end, always use the clichéd question. Like: “What will happen when the Vampire Boyfriend finds out that in reality he was a wizard in his past life?” Sounds very familiar… Yeah, I know! Interview with the Vampire! *sigh* Just ignore me

Tags: Tags, tags, tags. These are of the good kind :D Suppose your story has vampires *grins* in it, use the word ‘vampire’ in it. Remember, use a comma to separate that tags.

Multimedia:  If you have a trailer to your movella, which I doubt you will have at such an early stage, post the link in the first white box. Description is in the second white box. The trailer MUST be uploaded to youtube, okay?

Don’t forget to save! Your movella depends on it :D

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