Welcome To Movellas: A Guide

Welcome to Movellas! This movella is for those who are new to movellas and have problems adjusting to a new environment! Worry not! Here are some tips to work it out! [I haven't even been here a year and look at me, acting all high and mighty]


7. Step Four: Favouriting Movellas


Now, we learn how to favourite movellas :)

It means we kind of ‘subscribe’ to the future updates of the movella.

Like, if an author decides to add in more chapters, you will be notified J

Now that is cool :D

So first off, go to the movella you want to read. If you like it, go to the area where the blurb is written, there will be this two boxes below the cover.

Choose the red one “+Add to Favourites”

Voila! That was it ;)

Wasn’t that easy?

You can remove it too :D

Just click on the same red- wait, now grey- box and you have unfavourited it :(

Why do that?

Next up, Fanning People :D

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