Welcome To Movellas: A Guide

Welcome to Movellas! This movella is for those who are new to movellas and have problems adjusting to a new environment! Worry not! Here are some tips to work it out! [I haven't even been here a year and look at me, acting all high and mighty]


8. Step Five: Fanning People

Now we will learn how to fan people.

It means we like the person (or not) but we kind of subscribe to them. Whenever they mumble, and click the ‘Mumble To Fans’ option (more on that later,) we are notified. We are also notified if they have published a new movella and when they comment in someone else’s mumble. Nah! The last one was a lie :D

So to fan a person, we go to that person’s profile and in the right hand corner there will ‘’Fans” column. Just towards the end of that box there will be- ‘+Become Fan of the Author’


Suppose you’re reading a movella. You think ‘Wow! This author has talent!’ Well, you can fan her without even going to her profile.

Remember how to favourite? Of course you do, I just told you.

Well, below the favourite button, there is ‘+Become Fan of the Author’ Button.

Click that! Ta-da! You just became that person’s fan.

Now, to unfan. It is the same as unfavouriting (I know, that’s not a word), you click on the white- earlier green- box. Don’t do that! It hurts people.

So, basically you have learnt the five steps of being a Movellian- no, Movellist, wait, Movellan. Never mind.

Bet you’re pretty happy that you have completed five steps?

Well, wait! There are more!

We are not done yet :D

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