Ask Mason and Mikey!!!

Hi! It's us,Mason and Mikey here! Since we take over this account every month,we decided to make a Q&A movella! Stuff in the first chapter!


7. Question From Skye Luna Everdeen

From:Skye Luna Everdeen


Question; My friend won't text me anymore..... He used to text me all the time. Then it all stopped. Is he mad at me? have I lost one of my best friends for good?

Answer(Mason):Mikey and i have experienced this before. So I personally say that's a "he"? Then maybe he developed feelings for you..? Ugh. Sorry..The movellas Mira and Mina favorited were all...romance. But maybe he might like you. Either way,he's DEFINITELY not mad and certainly not mad at you enough to break your friendship...unless someone blackmailed him/you. In that case,ask him.

Answer(Mikey):Maybe he lost his phone or was banned from it..........

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