Ask Mason and Mikey!!!

Hi! It's us,Mason and Mikey here! Since we take over this account every month,we decided to make a Q&A movella! Stuff in the first chapter!


5. Question From Alyssa Salinas

From:Alyssa Salinas


Question:this ones for see I really like this boy and I don't know if he likes me can I tell?Also what color atracks boys the most?

Answer(Mason):I can only answer the how can you tell depends on the guy. Sometimes they can act either really mean,nice,or just have awkward moments with you every time you meet. The summary:they act differently around you than anyone would act with a normal individual.

Answer(Mikey):What he said. And..uh..about the seriously don't wanna ask that. I asked Mason and he said it was pink. At school,I wore all pink get the story...........

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