Ask Mason and Mikey!!!

Hi! It's us,Mason and Mikey here! Since we take over this account every month,we decided to make a Q&A movella! Stuff in the first chapter!


9. From 11Nitro11

Question:Okay, my question for both of you: I used to be best friends with this guy and we loved to hang out. He suddenly asks me out, and I say no and now he's not friends with me anymore. I miss our friendship and wish it'd just go back to normal. What do I do?

Answer (Mason):maybe you should to him like you're still friends. Friend zoning people makes others really sad,so don't force it. He'll come back eventually.

Answer(Mikey):give him lots of pizza. No words. Just pizza. ((And by the way, my name is actually based off the turtle XD))

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