Ask Mason and Mikey!!!

Hi! It's us,Mason and Mikey here! Since we take over this account every month,we decided to make a Q&A movella! Stuff in the first chapter!


8. A/N

I know most of you are already asleep,but I just wanna say that this was all fun. I love being on movellas,and so does Mason (he was mostly reading stuff...I made the social interactions)! So we WILL visit every once in a while to answer questions,but we will always,and I mean,ALWAYS come on the 24th of each month! Thanks to those who answered and to those who enjoyed it. Bye and have a good night!

Lots of Pizza,



Since today is almost over ((It's 11:00 here)) I want to tell you all goodbye! It was fun going on movellas and looking at all these awesome stories! I want you guys to know that we WILL visit every once in a while,but as Mikey said,being here on the 24th of each month is a promise!

Happy reading,


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