Deducing in Time

We all know the story of Sherlock Holmes. The mad man who seems to have all the answers. The man who is a mystery in himself. All are scared, except one. The one girl who might have the bravery to understand Sherlock like no one else. And to along the way, solve the mystery of time.


6. Proven


     He leaned forward and glanced up at me with a sly grin. Then, to my astonishment he knocked the cup of coffee onto the floor with one fail swoop. 

     He instantly changed character when the waiter approached. The waiter was already on the floor picking up the pieces of ceramic. 

     "Oh, i'm so, so sorry! You know i'm so clumsy sometimes, I remind myself of my mother. You know she used trip on the same rug in the doorway every day. One day she even broke her ankle that way!" He said cheerfully, and apologetically. It was like a flipped switch. 

     The waiter didn't say anything but smile when he got up with the pieces in his hand and walked away.

     "What hell was that for?" I ask. His little act had seemed pointless.

     He sat back up and switched character again. 

     "I needed to get a closer look at the man." He replied, folding his hands in his lap.

     "Man in his late 20's, still lives at home, his parents have money and he is in an online college studying law. His parents made him get this job, he is by no means in the need for the money. He has a secret girlfriend, a regular costumer here, he tries to keep her secret because his prestigious family would disapprove. A typical spin off of romeo and juliet with a more realistic outcome." He say's all of this so fast it leaves my head in a whirl. 


     Im silent for a moment, watching him as he casually sips his new cup of coffee. Obviously pleased with himself, he looks back at me with a slight smile.

     "That's amazing."

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