Broken Wands

Harry Potter attempts to mask his feelings for Draco Malfoy as they plunge into their third year at Hogwarts, and Draco does the same.


4. Ginny

Harry's P.O.V

        This was it. the horrifying moment I knew I'd regret.

      "Er.. Hey, Ginny," I confronted her awkwardly, staring down at my toes.

         "Oh, Hey, Harry,:" Ginny giggled. 

       "You want to go out sometime?" I jumped straight to the point to get it over with. If Draco wanted to play the jealousy game, I refused to lose.

     "Oh, Harry! Sure!" Ginny yelped, puling him into a dainty hug. I patted her on the back and sighed.


Draco's P.O.V

      That blast-ended skank! How could someone as good as Harry ask out a wretched, ugly, Weasley?! I was not so good at controlling my anger lately. I marched over to the Weasley girl as soon as Harry left. 

    "You! Weasel! How dare you!?" I demanded of the confused girl.

      "What?" She whimpered, obviously scared.

   "I see you talking to him again, and you're going down. And don't you dare tell anyone about this!" I whispered menacingly. She nodded as a tear slowly streamed down her face.

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