Dear, Ms. Hater

Hazel doesn't like One Direction. It's not that she hates them personally. She just hates the…fandom. So, one day she went as far as tweeting that 'Theres nothing interesting about One Direction. They can't sing so why is everyone going crazy over them?' Of course, she didn't mean that. She did like there music. What happens when she falls in love with one of the members? Will he love her back knowing she's not an fan or will he fall head over heels with her?


7. Ch.7

When I got home, I collapsed on the couch. "Hey, Hazel!" My mom called from the kitchen. 

    "Hey Mom! Is dad coming home?"

      "Um, no but-"

      "I know. I know. He's working to keep a roof over our heads but, Mom I miss him. He's never home anymore."

       "I know sweetie. I wish he was back too but, he's doing it for a good cause."


                                           Niall's POV.

I licked my ice cream and grinned at Harry. "Thanks, Harry!" I exclaimed.

    He rolled his eyes. "I'm not going to buy you another ice cream."

    I glanced beside me to see a man and a woman snogging each other. I stuck my tongue out and made a gross-out face. The woman pulled back from the guy. "What is your wife and daughter going to think about this?" She asked twirling her hair with her finger. That is really gross. Not only they were using PDA but, also, the guy already had a wife, what is wrong with people now a days? 

    I rolled my eyes. I took out my phone for distraction and got on twitter. I rolled my eyes again. Some jealous teenager wrote that we couldn't sing and wondered why everyone loves us. Why do everyone got to be so rude? All we're doing is living our dream. Yea, everyone have there own opinion but, sometimes opinions should be kept to ones self. We have feelings too. 

   I commenting on her post and wrote, "Ouch. That hurt."  

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