Dear, Ms. Hater

Hazel doesn't like One Direction. It's not that she hates them personally. She just hates the…fandom. So, one day she went as far as tweeting that 'Theres nothing interesting about One Direction. They can't sing so why is everyone going crazy over them?' Of course, she didn't mean that. She did like there music. What happens when she falls in love with one of the members? Will he love her back knowing she's not an fan or will he fall head over heels with her?


5. Ch.5

"I'm Harry Styles!" a curly haired guy shouted in the microphone and everyone started cheering.

   "Zayn Malik."

   "Louis Tomlinson."

   "liam Payne."

    They each introduced themselves. I looked around and I knew exactly who I was searching for. Mr.Leprechaun.

     Niall ran on stage and smiled as everyone started cheering. "Niall Horan ladies and gentlemen!" Harry yelled.

    "Hey, I'm Niall" he said with his cute accent. "Of, course everyone should know that already, except one special lady." He found my eyes and gave me a wink. I rolled my eyes and looked away from him. "Ok, let's sing then."

Once it got closed to the end of the song Niall walked over to me. "And I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth cause, if I do. It's you. Oh, it's you, they add up to and I'm in love with you and all your little things," he sung.

   "I'm sorry love but, I didn't quiet catch your name." He held the microphone close to my face as I looked around the auditorium. A lot of people was glaring at me as some was giving me smiles.

    I looked back up at him. "My name is for me to know and to you to never find out." I stated wearily.

    He smirked. He turned towards his fans. He brought the microphone under his lips again."I imagine some of you must have her in your class," he said. A lot of people nodded. "What is her name?"

    A lot of people blurted out 'Hazel' as I sighed loudly.

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