Dear, Ms. Hater

Hazel doesn't like One Direction. It's not that she hates them personally. She just hates the…fandom. So, one day she went as far as tweeting that 'Theres nothing interesting about One Direction. They can't sing so why is everyone going crazy over them?' Of course, she didn't mean that. She did like there music. What happens when she falls in love with one of the members? Will he love her back knowing she's not an fan or will he fall head over heels with her?


14. Ch.14

"You want to be my girlfriend?" He asked.

     "I can try." I responded.

      He smiled. "That's all I want to hear."


We hung around at the park until night.

     He drove me home. "You sure you want to be with me?" I asked.

    "What type of question is that?" He smiled at me. Every girl would want a guy to look at them like Niall is looking at me now. I never noticed Niall had a dimple. His blue eyes looked darker than usual.

     He got out of the car and opened the door for me.

     I got out. "Niall, you want to meet my parents?"

    "I don't think they will like me." He looked nervous, but, there was something else wrong with him. I think there was another reason why he didn't want to meet parents.

    "Niall, you don't have to be nervous."

     He smiled. "Ok." He took my hand in his.

     We walked over to the door and knocked. My mom opened the door and smiled. She looked over at Niall. Niall squeezed my hand.

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