Her-A Transformers FF

Sam videocalls Lennox one day, and tells him about a girl going to his school. The strange part is the Autobots know her, too.


2. Chapter Two

Jalaye's POV

I snuck around the house,trying to figure out how to get in. Bumblebee was inside and I was desperate to go talk to him. "Bumblebee?,"I whispered into the garage. I hear a whirring from within and smile. "Good to know you exist," I laugh. "Now how are you gonna get out?" The whirring lasted a bit more and then stopped, as the garage door opened to reveal Bumblebee bending so that he wouldn't break the ceiling. "Do the others know?"

"No, missy." I smile brighter up at the metallic giant. "How did you....find.....out....about Sam?"

"I go to college with him, Bee." He whirs as a light comes on in the house. "No. I gotta go, Bee." I pull him down to me and hug his head. "Stay safe, sparkling."

"I'm too old...to be...called...sparkling."

"You'll always be a sparkling to me, Bee." And with one last glance at the scout, I run out of the yard as the door opens.

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