Her-A Transformers FF

Sam videocalls Lennox one day, and tells him about a girl going to his school. The strange part is the Autobots know her, too.


1. Chapter One

It was just another day at Diego Garcia, and the soldiers were running drills, and helping the Autobots with their tech. A voice comes from the right of the catwalk. A young male soldier says, “Major Lennox, you have a call.” The middle-aged man walked over to the monitor they did their video calls on.

“Hi, Lennox.”

“Hey, Sam. What are you up to?”

“College. There’s some pretty weird people here.”

“Like who?”

“There’s Leo and his guys. And this girl. She never talks, but she passes all her classes. It’s kinda weird.”

“What’s her name?”

“Jaleye (Jah-lay-uh), I think.” Skidz shows up behind the soldier.

"Yo dude, we'z done heard that before'z; but not sure where....." Skidz said.

Optimus walked up to several NEST soldiers; and he glanced down his azure optics, making contact with several of them. His optics brightened and then dimmed as he watched them curiously. “That was the designation of one loved by all on Cybertron,” Optimus rumbles.


“The princess of the Pretenders.”


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