Search and you shall find (Troye Sivan Fanfiction)

I absolutely love Troye and he's one of my favourite YouTubers and so I thought I'd just share my imagination :')
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1. I guess I found my something great

Search and You Shall Find (Troye Sivan Fanfiction)

Hi I'm Valerie but just call me Val, it's what everyone calls me. Who am I? Well I'm 18 years old, I live in London and I have a pretty awesome job. Ever heard of YouTube? Yeah, I'm a YouTuber. I wouldn't say I'm 'uber-famous' but let's just say 3 million people apparently like my videos so I'm lucky enough to live by doing what I love.

Anyway, enough about me, this story is about someone else. Someone close to me.

It all started back in the May of 2013 I was just scrolling on Twitter when someone sent me a tweet:



'Troye Sivan, who's that?' I thought. I YouTubed him and suddenly saw a face of an angel appeared on my laptop screen, no it wasn't an advert. It was a boy, I clicked on a the first video I saw 'We're my OTP'. 

2:59 minutes of amazingness, 179 seconds of everything great. 1 video of falling in love.

This guy had it all, he was sweet, cute,charismatic. He even wrote a song about the book Fault in Our Stars and if that wasn't all. He shot a video for it in his local children's Cancer Ward and then donated all the money towards the Hospital that he received from the song.

Guys like this, just don't come around easily. This guy was something special. Something incredible.

So just like every year DigiFest came around, a huge,incredible YouTube convention. And guess who was going.

Me! And my great Aussie guy, Troye Sivan.

26th of June and the alarm goes off, today was the day. I took a taxi straight to Gatwick airport and met up with a few of my friends Zoe, Joe, Marcus and Alfie. We all got ourselves a coffee and then off we went, economy British Airways all the way to the US of A.


We arrived at JFK airport and Zoe and I went to the toilets to freshen up.

'Zoe, there's something I need to ask,' I quietly said, washing my hands in the basin.

'Aw sure, go ahead babe,'Zoe replies.

I took a deep breathe and looked at her and said,'You know Troye right?Troye Sivan,'I asked.

'Aw sure, Troye's my little baby. Is there anything you want to tell me Val?'She enquired.

I nervously looked down and then stared into her large blue eyes,' I think I erm.. well... sort of like him. I know it sounds crazy I don't even know him, not properly but it feels like I do. He's so funny and seems like a great guy.-

'And?'Zoe asked.

'Well I was wondering if you could put in a good word for me?'I pleaded quietly.


'Zoe, Valerie! Hurry up, the taxi's here,'Alfie yelled from outside the toilets.

'Sure, anything for you. He's definitely gonna love you,'she said with a smile.

And that's how it was so we got to our hotel and slept like a log for at least 4 hours then freshened up and went out for a dinner at this great Thai restaurant.


And before I knew it, it was time for DigiFest! I loved seeing my 'fans' and it meant so much to me when they told me their stories. It's crazy to think you could mean so much to someone.

I still remember what I was wearing, a baby pink skater dress with flats because who needs heels?

We all went there together in a large coach and there was buzz in the air as everyone was filled with excitement. 

We arrived at the large site with crowds of screaming fans surrounding the buildings. 

One by one they came, all as nice as each other. Some people just screamed, some cried, some just stood silent and looked in awe.

I had a few people left in the line and then I heard a voice 'no way Zoe, that sounds great'.

I looked to my left to see who it was.




'Come on Valerie you're a YouTuber, he's a YouTuber, carry on' I thought to myself.

I finished all the photos and went over to Zoe and she looked at me with a large smile on her face.

'Guess who's going out tonight with Troye?'she screamed into my ear, bursting with excitement.

I stood there frozen,' Seriously?'

'Yeah, he said that sounded great and he'll come pick you up at 7:30 tonight so you better be readyyyyy,'She smiled.

This was it. I was gonna do it. I'm finally meeting him.

'Wait, what should I wear? How should I do my hair? Up? Down? Natural make-up?Smoky eyes?'I ranted, suddenly feeling self-concious.

'Don't worry, you'll be fine. Look me and Tan will doll you up. Troye will be completely drooling when he sees you,'she reassured.

We finished off with day around late afternoon and went out for lunch in this cute little Bistro.

Once we got back to the hotel, the mission had started. Mission get Valerie all dolled up and looking drop-dead gorgeous and ready for Troye.

I guess one of the things great about having friends like Tan and Zoe apart from the great food and company is their fashion sense.

'I absolutely love this and you my friend are going to look smoking hot. Troye is gonna be like Beyonce move aside,'Zoe chuckled whilst pulling out a beautiful dress, with a white lace sweetheart cut front which came down and flowed in a beautiful turquoise bottom which was just above the knee at the front and long at the back.

'Are you sure it's not too much?'I asked worried.

'Look you're going to look amazing. And don't worry about what anyone else thinks. Just have fun and be yourself,'Tanya advised.

God thank you for giving me great friends.

After a few hours of pampering and perfecting, I finally put on my(well Zoe's) white heels and looked into the mirror. Woah I guess I scrub up pretty well.

Ding Dong

I looked at them both and they gave me a two large thumbs up signs.

I opened the door and there he was, my knight in shining armour. Well  a blazer and jeans and a checkered shirt but you know what I mean.

'Hey, Valerie right?'He asked, a large, perfect toothy smile appearing.

'Yep that's me but you can just call me Val,'I replied.


We both settled for light conversation on the lift downstairs and Troye being the gentleman he is opened the taxi door for me.

'So tell me, how on Earth, does a girl like you end up single AND interested in a guy like me?'he asked.

I looked at him blushing,'Well I dated a guy about two years ago and we had a pretty bad break up and well you seemed like a great guy.'

He smirked and opened the door for me once we got out.

Ti Amo

'Ooh Italian,'I said taking a seat in this small yet busy restaurant.

'Well I asked Zoe what you liked and I've been here before, so it fitted. You should try the Beetroot, Bacon and Blue Cheese pizza-

'Wow that sounds adventurous,'I interrupted.

He looked at me with a knowing look,'Trust me it's great, okay'



The food came and the conversation flowed.There was something about his eyes, they shone every second like nothing could ever bring him down. I need someone like that in my life, I thought. 

'So tell me if we had to ever collaborate, which video would we do?'he asked curiously

'Hmm... maybe a Q and A so we can get the people into it or the 7 second challenge would be fun and I'll learn a lot about you. What about you?'I asked.

'Those are great suggestions, I think maybe the two truths, one lie. Hey and maybe even the boyfriend tag after today,'he looked at me smirking.

'Maybe, just maybe.


And that's how it went and-


Oh I'm really sorry my boyfriend's calling me, I guess I've got to go.

Oh and his name's Troye ; )





Hope you liked this, it's my entry for the competition to win DigiFest tickets. It really would mean the world to me. My twitter is @narrysdancer and I also make YouTube videos, my YouTube is BitOfAFangirl here's my video I did about Troye I really love him plus all the other YouTubers I mentioned and more. Also LOVE Union J.

Thank you very much 

Manisha x

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