The soul mate

A love story between a hybred and a human who dont know that they are meant ot be and that impossible things turn into the possible.


1. the impossible to possible


Chapter 1

It was 4 am in the morning and I couldn't sleep. I had the oddest dream which has been going on for two weeks and all I remeber is that someone Is here to find me and I could'nt understand why. "I'm so confused" I whisper to myself thinking who is this mystery man here to find me.
It's 8 am I'm getting ready for school when i get a shiver down my spine i choose to ignore this shiver thinking to myself It's noraml. As soon as I arrive at school there is a unsual atmosphere I turn the corner to find a young man standing by my locker, his hair Is jet black, his eyes are an amazing powder-blue but his smile makes something deep down in my belly clench and tighten. "Oh my this can not be, he looks like the guy I've dreamnt about the past two weeks!".
I walk to my locker trying so hard not to look at this greek god infront of me, "Hello" he says in a deep gorgeous voice  as I walk close enough so i could hear. I turn to face him and I can not speak as my voice has either frozen or broke. "hi" I sqeak thats it all I can about manage I am struck by his looks. Then in a split second he walks away without another word.
It's second period and it's maths, oh god how much i dislike maths it is all numbers and it bores me, so i put my hand up to sir "may i be excuse and go to the nurse?" sir looks quizzingly at me and nods, i've been doing this for so long ive become more convinced that i need the nurse.
It's second day of school I've woken up feeling excited i dont know if its because im going to see the boy again who i dont even know the name of him i giggle to myself, "bye mom!" i shout leaving through the front door. But when i arrive at school there is no sign of him anywhere a stab of disappointment runs straight through me to the point where it hurts, Thats strange i dont even know him and im disappointed because he isnt here.
(Ring, Ring!) there is the bell for lunch, but ive lost my apetite why am i feeling so sad? i ask myself so i head over to my locker but before i reach my locker i notcie a piece of paper hanging out the bottom it's a letter addressed to me "who the hell is this from?" i ask myself. 
"Hello Lucy sorry i never introduced myself my name is damon, we need to talk after i get bck i had to go out of town to finish some bussiness but i need you to know i will never hurt you my love." oh my how does he know my name and my love? huh im confused how am i his love. It's half 4 time to head home.
Mom and dad arent back so i run upstairs to run a bath with bubbles still trying to figure out who this mystrey guy, I have butterflies in my stomach thinking about him like how his eyes light up when he saw me that day or that smile oh my it makes you melt, The bath is lovely and hot but as i sit down i have the feeling someone is watching me but as i turn round noone is there. Now im creeped out but i quickly wash and jump out but i as i return to my bedroom there is a box on my bed addressed to me.
 I open the box to find 200 dozen white roses the feeling makes me smile but i am abit scared who got in to put the box on my bed so i run down stairs to find my mom on the phone with a massive smile on her face when she finishes on the phone i ask "mom did you put the box of roses on my bed?" she replies "yes dear, they were left on the door step, looks like you have an admirer" she smiles as she said it.
That night i dream of him again but i dreamnt that he was sat the bottom of my bed watching me sleep, suddley i wake up sweating my heart racing, I notice that  my room is chilly as i search the room to find that the window is open maybe it wasnt a dream maybe he was here.
I go down stairs for a glass of water still confused if my dream was real or just in my head but it felt like he was close as i felt his breath on me. As i go back upstairs something catches my eye, i walk back down stairs and over to the front door it's been left open. Hmm maybe mom and dad must of left it open so thinking nothing of it i push that thought of someone getting in to the back of my head and go back to bed and sleep thinking of what to do as its a day off school tomorrow i could go shopping or jogging to be honest i need some exercise with all the fast food i've been eating, yes that is what i will do tomorrow morning say about 7 am , i go into the bathroom and brush my teeth and wash my face, brush my hair and tie it up in a pony tail and i climb into bed and turn my lamp off. I suddenly doze off.
It's 7am and its the Day off school yes i've been waiting for this day  so i throw on my tracksuit bottom, black vest top and plug in my ipod and decide to go for a jog in our local woods, jogging through i notice that there are tracks heading east so me being curious i decide to follow not knowing what could happen to me the woods begin to darken and soon enough i can not see, ok now im scared i try to find my way back but im lost. In the distance i can hear voices maybe 4 or 5 voices which are very deep and they start to come even closer to the point where i shout "hello anyone there?" then all of a sudden i'm hit by something or someone, i fall flat on my face then out of no-where there is pain running through my stomach as i put my hand down on to see where the pain was coming from but as i do i feel something wet and it smells like rust and iron  that is when i realize ive been stabbed by something and the bleeding doesnt stop. Darkness surrounds me and im out cold. 
I am jolted awake by someone carring me as i look up its Damon what the hell is going on i ask myself then darkness surrounds me again my body not responding, i wake up after years it felt in a room full of light Damon is in the arm chair next to the bed asleep i try to move but im stiff and i wince as pain strikes through my stomach. Damon wakes "Your awake stay there!" he growls so i do as im told afer 2 mintues a nurse returns with him she checks me over and checks my stomach, "Youve had a nasty accident do you where you are?" she asks i nod because thats all i can manage. 

Its 3 o'clock i'm hungry Damon still hasnt left i wonder why, why did he save me and how,  i turn and press my buzzer but I accidently wake Damon he sits up in such speed that my eyes cant take the movement "what wrong!" he asks his voice shakey "i'm hungry" i reply then he visably relaxes the nurse comes in and i ask her what is on the menu, i look through and choose mac 'n' cheese my favorite and a banana for after. Damon is smiling at me and i dont know why "what?" i ask he just shakes his head he smiles then his smiles turns into a frown.

Next morning im fit to go home as i arrive home with Damon he pauses outside my house i look at him and cock my head to one side he smiles and scoops me up in his arms and opens the door carries me upstairs i'm giggling as he does this and a ghost of a smile plays on his face. He gently puts me on the bed and puts his hand up to indicate to stay where i am, so i do but when he returns he says "I'm sorry please dont be mad or scared but when you went out running i followed you and i saw 5 men in the direction you were going and i saw one of them hit you down you fell like a ton of bricks and landed on a branch and it went straight into your stomach i didnt know what to do", he sounds so sad.
 I struggle up to meet his gaze i walk over to him and hug him as i look up his eyes are dark not the blue i remember "your eyes are darker whats wrong?" he just shakes his head and hugs me ocassionaly kissing my hair. I yawn i am so tired "Bed!" he orders i climb into bed and look at him and i blush he chuckles "will you come lie with me?" i ask he hesistates then kicks his shoes off and jumps in and put his arms around me keeping me warm i feel so safe."sleep now my love , you are safe" as i hear his words i feel that they are true.
I wake the next morning Damon is no where to be seen i start to panic then the bedroom door opens and it's him in his hands he is carrying a tray with toast orange juice and a flower on it i shake my head and giggle "that's is such a wonderful sound" he smiles and i blush.
Damon and i decide to hangout in my room as i dont start school until next week, i have loads of questions to ask like how does he know me or has he got a girlfriend i just dont know but he interupts my thoughts and asks "I'm not good for you lucy i am very dangerous you should steer clear!" he growls i blink rapidly a few times he cant be the judge of that it should be me. "what do you mean?" he stands up and walks around my room but his giving nothing away then out of the blue he answers "I'm not everything that i seem, 
i had to leave town because i tried to stay away from you but there i something about you that i cant" i stare at him. "Then don't!" i reply he stares at me then in a heart beat his lips are on mine making my blood boils , Oh my as he pulls away we are both out of breath i stare at him indicated i dont want it to end so, i reach up to unbutton his top he nods to allow me but as i do something deep in my stomach clentches and thats it i dont hold back.
 in that split second he stops "You sure you want to, i dont want to hurt you" i nod and smile he returns the smile and he slowly sinks into me and at a slow pace makes love to me in that moment i feel like i've known him all my life like we are meant to be i whisper in his ear "I LOVE YOU" he whips his face to mine kisses me passionately and returns with "I will always love you lucy" that is my cue and i come undone underneathe him.
Damon still hasn't left so i jump in the shower whilst his down stairs, i stand staring into the wall remembering last night. do i love him ? but in such a short amount of time yes i do as i feel my lips makes me smile my stomach and legs i stand there goofly smiling and as i turn around Damon is staring at me "So beautiful" he strips down and joins me folds me into a hug and just holds me i cant help my smile. As i look up and gaze at him it seems clear that we are meant to be and he cares about me he said he would never hurt me so im going to trust him, "Are you hungry?" he asks i cock my head to one side he chuckles "for food" his laughing carefree and shakes his head i giggle and nod, we wonder down stairs hand in hand Damon opens the fridge pulls out bacon,eggs and sausage "Fry up ?" he asks "sounds good " i reply. We both sit down at the table with our food as i reach out for the red sauce so does Damon we both laugh and he lets me have the sauce first.
After breakfast we are talking about school "do you go to school?" he stares at me and changes the subject i wonder why his being like that then he turns to me holding my hands in both of his hands "Lucy there is something you should know, I'm not like most guys" staring at him i relpy with "i know thats why i love you" like that isnt enough. "I mean it Lucy i'm not human I'm I'm" he stutters my mouth has dropped open i've fallen in love with some monster i try to see past that his not human but i cant " I need space!" i shout at him "Lucy please let me explain" his says apologetic but i dont want to hear it. 
He stands and leaves i fall to the floor and cry so hard that my head hurts, soft gentle arms are around me rocking me a soft voice by my ear, i turn and it's Damon i put my arms around his neck and weep even harder. His holding me close to his chest i can hear his heart beat so how can he not be human, i can feel his warmth "I can hear and feel your heart beat and warmth how can you not be human?" i ask confused he takes a massive breath and replies "I am half human half Vampire i have the warmth and heart of a human but i feed and hunt like a vampire and i've been searching for you for hundreads of years and here you are my lost soul mate, Lucy i cant loose you again" it's a plea which makes my heart skip a beat then i realize i can not walk away from this broken and lonley man i love. "I'm not going anywhere i promise" in that moment i feel his tears i turn and kiss them away. 
It's 7pm i'm deciding what i want for dinner but i just cant choose so much going on in my head, first Damon is half human half vampire i dont know how to process that information but I accpet him for who he is, not what he is i love him i guess that is what really matters and he has proven he loves me to the point of saving my life. He holds me like i've never been held before like im in heaven or something his touch is so soft and gentle, his lips are soft and his skin his flawlessly smooth. As i stare in a day dream gentle arms snake around my waste making me smile, i turn and it's Damon of course how could i not know. I kiss him on the lips and hug him tightly not wanting to let go but he spoils the moment, "Sorry lucy, but i need to hunt i'm very hungry and human food isnt keeping me from hurting someone i'll be back in about 4 hours maxium" i drop my hand and turn away trying not to cry but as i turn around his gone.
"Damn vampires or whatever he is!" i shout in my head, so i hurry upstairs run a bath and read a book so i'm in my bubble bath reading and something in my mind reminds me that i've got to go shopping in an hour but damon said hell be back in 4 hours so i get dressed and head out to the super market and start to do the shopping, mom and dad are always working so i'm always doing the shopping and cleaning so i guess that because im so used to it doesnt seem to bother me i just look at it as someone has to. I finish the shopping but as i head back home everything seems as i left it so Damon must still be out, so i unlock my front door and hang my keys up. 
As i turn to go upstairs someone or something is standing there with something in their hand i cant make out what it is but in one swift move my wrist is slashed and legs i drop to the floor in absolute agony where is damon im telling myself but as on cue damon appears out of nowhere and hits this thing out of the way and they begin to fight, i'm too scared and in to much pain to move. Darkness covers me as i pass out all i remeber is before i pass out is damon shouting "Lucy !!". 
I wake up very dizzy and searching for Damon but his no where to be seen, i buzz the nurse as she comes in i shout at her "WHERE IS DAMON!!!" she answered with her hands up "noone brought you in just the abumlance", "WHAT!" i shout in my head how ,why, when. How can he leave me when i need him i feel tears ooze down my face and it's as if my heart is breaking into millions of pieces. I climb out of bed and put on my clothes but before i turn round to leave damon is standing staring at me. "WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU DAMON!" i shout at him but he doesnt answer i walk straight past him he grabs my arm and pulls me into his arms i begin to cry again "I'm sorry but i have to leave you lucy your not safe when your with me i just put your life in danger everyday your with me, one day i could loose control with you and kill you" i pull back away from him and i just walk away but then that is when the hurt of loosing him sinks in and its unbearable to handle i colapse on the floor in tears but this time Damon is nowhere to be seen.
Since Damon has left i cant feel anything my whole body is numb. 
I dont speak to anyone not even my parents anymore everything around me is a memory of Damon that i dont want so i wonder out into the woods to think, i remember the last time i was in these woods Damon saved me but now he isnt here i begin to cry uncontrollably i hate this feeling it just doesnt go away why cant i be dead and it would stop Damon feeling bad, he shouldnt have fallen in love with me then it would stop all this regret  about putting my life in danger everyday of my exsisentce.
It's been 2 months since Damon has left and the pain is still there how can he do this to me i felt like he was the reason i was still alive if it wasnt for him i would be dead, so how does he put my life in danger if he has saved my life two times already that has confused me. I wish he was here i take a deep breth i just want my bed so i head upstairs have a shower then climb into bed, but as i turn off my lights i roll over to find Damon smiling down at me "am i dreaming?" i ask like his a ghost he just shakes his head and kisses me to prove his here. "WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN IVE BEEN HURTING LIKE CRAZY AND YOU DIDN'T HAVE THE INDESCENCY TO COME AND TELL ME YOUR ALIVE AND KICKING!!!!" i shout at him my tears pooling in my eyes "Please dont cry i'm here im not going anywhere ive been hurting so much since i walked away from you lucy i cant live without you!" he half groans half crys, i jump on to his lap taking him by surprise and kiss him then in a short period our clothes are off and we are in a passionate frenze then in one swift move he sinks into me but his holding me like he needs me like his sorry for walking away i grip onto his firm biceps has he slams into me over and over. 
I scream out his name and he slams once more and still as he pours himself into me, his forehead is pressed against mine he whispers "I love you Lucy Cambell you are mine forever" and i cry because i know those words are the truth.
As we lie on the bed I'm in Damon's arms we are laughing and joking but then Damon shocks me "Lucy Cambell i will love you to the end of the earth and to heaven and hell would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" i stare at him wide eyed and my mouth falls open i swear my mouth is on the floor i jump on him and squeak "YES!!" he sweeps me up off the bed and swings me in a unlike Damon manner as he sets me on the ground he asks to make love i nod because i could make love with him everyday no matter how tired i am the way his kisses leave my lips tingling and my body like jelly but he knows how to make my heart race to the point where i loose control with him. We are down stairs drinking cherryade when damon stares at my neck to be honest am i alittle scared but i ask "Why are you staring at my neck?" he doesnt reply he just hands me red box as i open it a diamond necklace sits kindly in the red box i whip my face to Damon to see him smiling and i get up to hug him. As i go to the mirror to put on the necklace Damon is behind me "May I ?" i nod and lift up my hair to reveal my neck Damon swallows and takes a deep breath "You wont hurt me" i push to words to make him feel reasured he just nods so i frown, "Damon it's just your insticts thats all you wont hurt or kill me." i assure him "i know" he replies.
Damon and I are sitting by the fire when i ask the most oddest question, "How do you become what you are?" Damon stops and looks at me as in to say dont go there lucy he coughs "Well i was dying of lung cancer and some guy i dont know who took me out of the hospital he saved my life but i'm not quiet sure how it works." he frowns as he says it. I change the subject to ask him what he wants for dinner "You" he replies i swallow and he chuckles "i'm kidding lucy stop panicing well have pizza and chips with two diet cokes" he says with a smile i just have to laugh.
It's Saturday morning thinking of what to to I ask Damon what he wants to do but he just shrugs his shoulders i have to laugh but we decide to stay in but then i realize where are my parents? i go up stairs to see if they are in bed but the bed has been made hmm something isn't right here. As i go back down stairs the phone rings making me jump a mile "Hello?" i answer a small deep voice replies "Miss Cambell this is PC Burns, I am ever so sorry to inform you that your mother and father have been found murdered on the A36 highway if there is anything we can do let us know" I drop the phone and sink to the floor in the corner Damon calls my name but i dont respond he come to find me and notices me on the floor "What wrong ?" his asks panicing Damon picks up the phone off the floor he scoops me up in his arms and carries me to the sofa, I begin to cry "No don't cry Lucy whats happened?" i reply between sobs "My parents are......." i can't complete my sentence Damon's eyes widen "NO NO !!!! DON'T TELL ME THEIR DEAD LUCY DON'T!!" i just nod and i cry so hard and i just cant stop the tears that fail to cease. Damon pulls me into his arms rocking me i think to myself maybe it isnt them so i push Damon away Ring the police back and demand to see the bodies, they agree to let me come down to the morgue at 4pm.
 It's 4pm myself and Damon are at the morgue entrance "You don't have to do this if you dont want to" he comforts me i just shake my head because this is something i need to do, i need to know if it's them. PC burns shakes mine and Damon's hand and shows us a glass window with a black curtain around "Are you sure Miss Cambell?" i nod because i can not find my voice as soon as the curtain is pulled back i realize i'm on the floor because it is my worst nightmare of loosing my parents that has come to reality. "How did they die?" i ask trying to hold back my tears so i can speak Damon is staring shocked PC Burns replies "several contusions to the head and several entry wounds but we don't know what or who has committed of taking this couples lives" his apologetic.
 I stare into thin air on the way home trying to take in my parents death, how can i when everything was perfect something has to screw it up my tears renew and i can't stop these scortching tears that refuse to stop. Damon unlocks the front door i just go straight upstairs without a word and stand by my window. Damon is behind me "Lucy are you hungry? or thirsty?" i just shake my head Damon doesnt say another word.
That night i sit staring out of the window hoping this is a dream that my parents will park their cars on the drive way and laugh with each other and tease me when they come in to their home where all their memories are. I can't leave here not now, not ever because they are never coming back their gone forever. I'll never see my mom and dad ever again they will never see their grandchildren if i have any or see how i'm growing up, I'm 19 years old and i've lost my parents to early i need them and now i've only have Damon. I tell Damon to go to the super market to pick up some milk,sugar and coffee he looks atm e quizzingly but chooses not to argue, as soon as he leaves i go upstairs to the bathroom and lock the door behind me so that Damon can not enter i run my self a bath and as i lie down i realize i want to be with my parents that Damon would find someone else to love. So i slowly ho underneath the water and i can feel my lungs filling up but that feeling ends as Damon pulls me out of the water "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!!!" Damon shouts  i just cry because i have no reason to live. 
Damon takes a huge breath and sighs he holds out his hand and i take it, he wraps a towel around me and puts me under his arm and into bed. "Make love to me please Damon?" i ask he stares at me and he removes his t-shirt and i remove my towel as he climbs up the bed i can feel his warmth and it sends shivers up my body as he kisses me i bite his lip and he growls and in a heart beat he sinks into me with such slowness, i bite his shoulder and he moans his slamming into me over and over again i feel a sharp pleasureable pain indicated on my neck and like a water trickling like feeling down my neck but Damon hasn't finished yet, his grabbing my hips and his starting to become rough and i scratch him becuase weird as it sounds i am loving this feeling he slams and slams then stills as he violently pours himself into me.
Damon stares at me wide eyed "what is the matter?" i ask Damon gets off the bed and stands by the window "I'm so sorry " he replies i stare confused then he walks over to the bed and pulls the duvet back and as i look down i am covered in black and blue bruises and he points to my neck where he had bitten me during our ermm love making? i wouldn't of called it love making it was more of passionate rough sex. Damon shakes he head "This is what i meant about loosing control Lucy look at you " I grab Damon's hand and kiss the top and i yank and he falls onto the bed i smile and kiss him, "Again?" i ask all cute and sweet Damon rolls his eyes and lifts me on top of him and we are kissing which turns into teeth clashing and his pulling my hair and i sink onto him slowly and as i rise he lifts his head back and moans. Damon and I are down stairs talking about life and how he wants it to be, i find out that he wants to have children but he knows it's impossible as his half vampire so his body doesnt produce. "I would love to have children Damon but we can always adopt" i smile damon just shakes his head and smiles.
Going through my calandar i notice my period is due soon in about two weeks, Damon laughs out-loud i raise my eyebrow he stops laughing but a ghost of a smile plays on his face "What?" i ask he just keeps laughing then he replies with "You've got the dates wrong, your period was meant to be due two weeks ago" but the he stops laughing and stares at me opened mouth i think to my self it isnt possible it cant be he even said himself. "We are going doctors now" he demands as we sit in the waiting room Damon is fidgeting which is making me more neverous. "Miss cambell please to doctors office" as the voice on the speaker calls my name, damon grabs my hand sqeauzing my hand tightly. "Right miss cambell we are going to put this gel on your tummy it's very cold" the doctor puts the cold gel on my tummy making me shiver damon is laughing then i hear a heart beat and i know i can't hear damon's so i turn to look at the screen, there on the screen is a baby with a heart beat flashing "Congratulations miss cambell you are about 6 weeks pregnant, i would like you to take these vitamins and eat healthly" Damon is staring at the screen smilling.
As we return home im still shocked how could i not know sure enough you would have symptoms lik sickness or cravings, that evening we are sitting eating a chicken salad out of the blue damon came out with baby names "I like the name elijah" i look at him thinking what on earth "Elijah sounds cool but i like the name Isabelle" i reply but i dont even know if it's a boy or girl. 

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