The Fighter

Candrah wasn't expecting any of the series of events that happened after that night.
That night when she met, Justin 'One Shot' Bieber.
She wasn't expecting love, but it's exactly what she got.


1. Chapter 1

The screams of desperate girls ringed in my ear as he trotted out on the ring.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Please welcome... JUSTIN 'ONE SHOT' BIEBER!".

His robe draped over his body.

Spelling 'Bieber' on the back, in big red letters.

When he removed the robe, slowly to make every girl scream in delight, my friend, Jasmine, screamed, "HAVE MY FIRST BORN CHILD!".

I laughed when she yelled it the second time.

Tonight was the qualifying match, to see who would make it into the first string of the championships.

Justin was for sure to win, I did my research on him, creepy, I know.

Jasmine had gotten an extra ticket, and insisted I came.

In my research, I saw that the 'One Hit' in his name was from his previous fights.

Apparently he could knock someone out in one hit, pretty impressive.

He made a circle around the ring, eyeing everyone in the audience.

Our eyes met for a moment, before he finished his circle.

Instead of stopping, he went around in a circle again, as if doing a double take.

He scanned my section of the crowd, and met eyes with me again.

He kept his stare for what seemed like an eternity.

"What's he looking at? Ohmygod! He's looking at you! He's staring at YOU!" Jasmine squealed.

He shot me a wink, which made my insides melt, and made my knees go weak.

Jasmine started screaming like crazy.


The match ended rather quickly, he nailed the poor kid with one shot.

Jasmine had made sure we made it out to the back door, where he would be exiting.

"I can't wait to see him! Ugh he's so hot, am I right?" Jasmine asked, randomly.

"Yeah, I gues-" I was cut off by Jasmine screaming.

"JUSTIN! JUSTIN!" She yelled at the top of her lungs, grabbing his attention.

He walked over to her, and she clinged onto me, probably because she couldn't stand on her own at the moment.

"Make it quick." Someone from behind him said, I think his manager.

"Yeah, yeah." He said, returning his attention back to us.

"I-Oh my- I love you-Oh my-Jesus you're hot." Jasmine blabbed, her face turning red.

Justin just laughed, and winked at her.

"What's your name?" He asked her.

"J-Jasmine." She said, shaking his hand.

"Bieber! I said make it quick! Unless your discussing business with them, we have to go." His manager said.

"Business?" Jasmine asked, quickly.

"I'm in 'desperate need for a physical therapist'." He said, putting air quotes around his words.

"She's a physical therapist! And a trainer!" Jasmine blurted.

I mentally slapped her.

"What a coincidence. Mind coming with us?" Justin asked, smirking.

"She'll go!" Jasmine said, before I could answer.

"Awesome. She'll be home by eleven." Justin said, escorting me away from Jasmine.

Ugh, here we go.


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