Voices from Within

Short and long poems. Coming from the voices from within. Inspired by dreams, nature and my life.


1. Inner Child


There is a child I used to know 
No one cared where she would go 
Her body big and down her head 
She didn’t speak when we first met 

The girl was hurt, that I could tell 
For I know her very well 
Her pain, her anger, torn her apart 
For it’s hard to heal a broken heart 

We sat down and then she said: 
"My heart is dying, my soul is dead, 
Don’t you hear me, can’t you see 
Life has nothing left for me…” 

I held her hand and hugged her tight 
And told her: “There will be a star so bright, 
She will show you what to do, 
To make your wishes all come true”. 

You will sing and you will fly, 
Crossing borders in the sky. 
You will love and you will laugh 
What you’ll dream is what you’ll have. 

You will rise your head and know, 
What to do and where to go 
Don’t forget that road is long, 
But one day you will be strong!” 

She lifted her head and turned to me. 
"How do you know, this will be?" 
I held her hand and there we were, 
Side by side I’m telling her: 

"I cried for you a thousand times, 
And you’ll always be within my mind, 
My dear child, don’t you see? 
I am you….and in the end, 
you will be me.” 



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