I want the tall, dark and handsome one

A new grill has just moved school an feels all alone. Her parents are gone and there is only one person she wants to be with


1. The new kid

Hi my name is (y/n) and my parents are divorced I live with my mum and well I can do whatever I want. We moved because mum wanted to get away from dad so I hope I will be able to have a good life here.

I walked into my new school it was so different compared to my old school. As I walked into my classroom everyone stared at me and it felt awkward. I looked around the room seeing my new classmates I saw one boy that I automatically fell in love with.

He had beautiful green eyes and gorgeous curly hair. The teacher said class this is (y/n) she's new to our school. She made all the students tell me their names I only payed attention to the good looking boy at the back. The names Harry he said.

I went and sat at the back of the class beside Harry. There was only one seat left but I felt wired just sittin there. He asked me why I moved here so I said about my mum and dad divorced. He said sorry about that. He also is so nice he is everything I want in a guy.

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