Little bits

When loki discovers a little girl and becomes friends with her. Will it turn out she needs him as much as he needs her? Just the little bits make their day better.


2. Little frog, little prince.

I was walking in the park with my mommy and grandma, when I spotted a frog. It wasn't an ordinary frog because when I got closer he didn't hop away. he just started at me, with big curious eyes. "Hi little frog" I said getting on my hands and knees. "are you a prince? where you turned into a frog by a witch?" I asked in a small voice. The frog tilted his head in response. Then with flinched eyes, I kissed the little thing on its head. I didn't like the vile taste of mucus so I ran back to my mommy. I don't care if he turned into a prince or not.

But that night I met up with my frog. I was trying to read a fairytale book when my bedroom window mysteriously opened. The smart side of my brain told me to hide under the bed. But five year olds rarely listen to the smart side of their brain. So I got out of bed and slowly walked towards my window, I didn't see a dashing blonde prince. But I did see a young boy with black hair and almost glowing green eyes. "Are you my prince?" I asked the boy.

"Are you my princess?" he tilted his head. "I'm Cassie" I said reaching out my hand. the boy shook it with a smile. "Loki"

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