When Hollie goes to the chip shop like any normal teenager, things get bad, real bad. She gets back to find no one remembers her, at all not even her best friend or mother. What will happen when she decides to stand up, or will she even try? With meeting new friends and maybe something more, will she decide to stay the invisible girl or will she try to find that one important person who knows her? Please note this is NOT a fan fiction all the characters are entirely my own and none of them are real.


13. sticks and stones

As he told me he was homeless, my mind went swoosh, you know when it just goes blank, like you can't even remember your own name. I didn't believe him. How? How did he become homeless, like me? With his hand in mine, he talked about where he spends the nights, in a hostel ran by a sweet old lady called Mrs Fernes. Like the tree. He explained why he couldn't talk to me after I asked the question about where he lived, if someone asked me that I would lie or run, because you're ashamed, embarrassed. I see that now, I shouldn't of shouted at him, but I was just so angry! As we walked and walked, with no destination in mind, we came to a stop.

"Oh no!" I whispered.

"What?" Josh asked.

"Sam." I ran to a boy in the middle of the street, he had been knocked over by a car and was sprawled on the ground, eyes shut. I started crying. Big salty tears rolled down my cheeks and I felt Josh's arms around my shoulders. "Do you know him?" He asked.I nodded to him and felt Sam's arm, desperately searching for a pulse. Thud, thud, thud. Thank god! I put my arms around Josh's neck and whispered "he's alright!"

"We should call an ambulance," he said.

"Hmm," I said, too relieved that my brother wasn't dead. As Josh phoned an ambulance, I tried to wake Sam. "Sam?" I whispered in his ear.


Even at this Serious time, I liked the way Josh's name played on my lips and I had to fight back a smile. "Josh he isn't waking up!" I shouted and tried to poke Josh. Nee naw nee naw, came the ambulance and the lady in the uniform took Sam on a stretcher. I tugged at the jacket of a man and asked, "He is gonna be alright isn't he?"

"I can't be so sure, excuse me Miss, are you related to this young boy?"

I debated inside my head but then came to an answer.


"I don't think he is going to be alright," said the paramedic , looking grave. Then I blacked out.

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