When Hollie goes to the chip shop like any normal teenager, things get bad, real bad. She gets back to find no one remembers her, at all not even her best friend or mother. What will happen when she decides to stand up, or will she even try? With meeting new friends and maybe something more, will she decide to stay the invisible girl or will she try to find that one important person who knows her? Please note this is NOT a fan fiction all the characters are entirely my own and none of them are real.


7. Maya's POV

Maya's POV

I woke up to on the floor of a bus stop, the hard concrete digging into my back and my arm around my head, well this is one thing I never thought I'd do. I didn't even have a blanket, I wonder if Josh is up yet? I thought. I decided to text him

Me: Hiya, how's you?

To my surprise he texted back almost instantly.

Josh: Fine, do u wanna go to the movies 2day?

Me: Sure, where do you live, I'll come and see you! :-)

I waited and waited. 10 mins, 15, 30 , 60. Josh didn't reply, all boys are the same, they play with your heart, get your number and then leave you. A single thought came into my head, I thought he was different, the way he looked at me yesterday... Well I guess not. Maybe his phone died? But, he texted me alright when I said hi. I got up and went to the park, sat on the swing and cried. I had no family, or friends and now, no one to talk to.

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