When Hollie goes to the chip shop like any normal teenager, things get bad, real bad. She gets back to find no one remembers her, at all not even her best friend or mother. What will happen when she decides to stand up, or will she even try? With meeting new friends and maybe something more, will she decide to stay the invisible girl or will she try to find that one important person who knows her? Please note this is NOT a fan fiction all the characters are entirely my own and none of them are real.


4. Josh's POV

I walked into the park and saw a teenage girl sitting on the bench, her hair was a toffee, creamy colour and she had the most amazing eyes, chocolate brown, even though I could see she had been crying, "Are you alright?" I asked her and she stared at me, confused then said,"Oh um," she had a very tinkly voice, beautiful, like music. "It's just, you're crying," I pointed out and immediately regretted it. She blushed and her cheeks turned a delicate rose colour. "Um yeah, I'm fine," she said in her musical voice, she sounded embarrassed. She smiled and her whole face turned absolutely beautiful. I smiled back and said "Do you mind,"I pointed to the seat next to her and she said rushing "No, of course not, I'm just leaving."

"Don't go," I whispered, reaching for her hand then taking it back, you don't even know her! I thought

"Erm," she mumbled, she looked quite cute mumbling to herself. Then I plucked up the courage and said "Please don't go."

"Ok," she said and sat back down. I thought, how in the earth had she said yes? I'm nobody! Then, so she didn't think I was a total weirdo "I'm not weird you know, I just like the company." Why had I said that? I sounded more like a weirdo now! Dear God, swallow me up now. "My name's Josh by the way." Voice, please stop saying things I told you not to! She looked at me and her eyes widened "Maya," she answered. Maya. Beautiful. "Nice to meet you Maya!" I said and took out my hand and placed it near her, she shook it and sparks like fireworks eloped me and her together, all I wanted to do was to lean in and kiss her cheek. I didn't obviously, it would be incredibly creepy and not to mention down right strange, I noticed we were still holding hands and let go quickly. My hand was now clammy and sweaty. I looked at her and smiled, her smile was Incredible! Little perfect teeth and peachy lips. Her whole face was radiated with light when she smiled, like I said. Beautiful.

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