When Hollie goes to the chip shop like any normal teenager, things get bad, real bad. She gets back to find no one remembers her, at all not even her best friend or mother. What will happen when she decides to stand up, or will she even try? With meeting new friends and maybe something more, will she decide to stay the invisible girl or will she try to find that one important person who knows her? Please note this is NOT a fan fiction all the characters are entirely my own and none of them are real.


1. Invisible

Chapter one

It all started when I went out with my friend Tia. It was an unusually sunny day here in Weymouth and the opportunities were too tempting to spend the day inside. I woke up, got dressed and went out around twelve o'clock and didn't come back until about quarter to six. Tia is what my auntie calls a 'fair weather friend' meaning only your friend when they have no one else. Despite that, we had a really good time. Before I came back I was told by my mum to go to the fish and chip shop, as I walked home the delicious smell hit my nostril like a ton of bricks, it was way too tempting just to have one tiny chip... When I got home I knocked on the door, I'm so stupid I thought to myself as I discovered I had left my key in the house! My dad was the one who opened the door, "Hey dad!" I exclaimed as I made to get in the house but was thwarted by my dad. "What do you think you're doing?" Roared my dad.

"Sorry dad, please can you let me in now?"

"Who are you?"

"What?" I asked confusingly

"Who are you?" My dad asked again.

" I'm your daughter, Maya?"

"I don't have a daughter, Maya or no Maya!"

"What? I'm living proof, I've got your DNA!"

"I'm sorry Maya but I think you have the wrong house."

"Wait," as my dad was about to close the door, " I can prove it! My name is Maya Anne Johnson, I was born on the 16th of January , you were robbed thirteen days before I was born, on my nannies birthday! My room is there!" I said, pointing to the window to the left of me.

"That is a spare room," said my mum coming up to the door.

"Mum!" I shouted "I'm your daughter!"

"I haven't got a daughter."

"Yes you have! It's ME! You're Jackie Mary Johnson , born on the 21st of June 1970, when you spell your name you always have a "c" after the A because your dad, my grandad, Leo Rowland forgot it! Please remember me!" I sobbed as my parents looked at me with pity and how could that be... Fear in their eyes. "I have a brother, Samuel born on the 23rd of July PLEASE remember me!"

"That is our son, how do you know that?"

"Because I live here! I'm part of your family! You carried me for nine months for goodness sake how could you forget me!" I shouted, tears running down my face " I'll prove it to you!"

As Sam came down the path, I ran up to him and gave him a hug

"Get off me! Who are you?" Said my brother, pushing me to the ground.

"I'm your sister!" I screamed.

"I don't have a b***** sister!" Said Sam, looking at my parents. "Do I?"

They said no as I shouted yes. And Sam looked quizzingly at me. All I needed was one person to recognise me. "Yes, I'm your sister, Hollie, you're Sam Johnson born on the 23rd of July and have an addiction to FIFA, yes?" I asked softly.

Sam nodded. "Okay that's enough, it's one thing trying to tell us you're our daughter but don't you dare try to sell that rubbish to our son!" Roared my dad for the second time now, beaconing for Sam to come inside. "It's not rubbish! Look," I said scrabbling in my bag for the list of the things to get at the chippy and my phone, "This is your writing, Mum you told me to go to the chip shop and get food?" I said, "and this is Sam's old phone, his Blackberry!"

"Leave us alone, or we will have to call the police," stated my dad.

"But dad," said Sam.

"No buts about it, inside now!"

My brother looked one last time apon my tear stained face and followed my parents inside. I stared at the door, mumbling to it as if it could change what just happened. I decided that I needed to find someone who recognised me, I knew there was no point knocking on the door again so I walked down my path, still crying softly to myself, letting the tears roll down my face and onto my jacket.

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