When Hollie goes to the chip shop like any normal teenager, things get bad, real bad. She gets back to find no one remembers her, at all not even her best friend or mother. What will happen when she decides to stand up, or will she even try? With meeting new friends and maybe something more, will she decide to stay the invisible girl or will she try to find that one important person who knows her? Please note this is NOT a fan fiction all the characters are entirely my own and none of them are real.


5. Fireworks

After he let go of my hand, it felt sweaty and clammy, glued together. I couldn't think of one thing to say, he must think me a right dunce. I still felt dizzy, when we held hands fireworks exploded around me and him and I felt a strange thing in my stomach, like a monster had awoken and purred when we touched. I had a strange urge to hug him, I didn't of course. That would be creepy. I turned to him and found him looking at me, I felt my cheeks go their normal blotchy red when I blushed and tried to calm myself down, I smiled at him and he smiled, God am I still red? I thought. "So Maya, what sort of music do you like?" Think,think!

"Um... The Vamps, mostly?" It came out like a question, a deeper voice in my head tuned in and said in my head "Why do you care what he thinks?" I had no answer to that. Suddenly, I realised I was just staring at his face! "Maya?" He said. "Maya!"

"Oh, sorry," I said and blushed deeply, the sort of blush that makes your whole face purple and blotchy. "I was just saying, um do you want to... Go to the movies sometime?" I stared at him and nearly shouted, "Yes!" He smiled at me, with real glee and said, still smiling "Do you wanna go... Now?" Oh my god I had just been asked out by a boy, a cute boy! "Er, I can't at the moment but if I get your number, we could text?" What am I talking about? I don't have anywhere to go! His face looked crestfallen and I had no idea what to say next. "Sure, it's 679..." And I added it to my phone. And then we both got up, "Well, see you soon, Miss Maya!" Josh said in fake cockney accent "Indeed," I answered giggling.

That night I spent under a bus shelter, shivering under my old coat, dreaming of a boy with light blue eyes and floppy hair. But even Josh couldn't take away the dread of the coming morning.

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