BOWELS OF HELL (Urban Hunters #7)

Entombed and doomed to digestion down the bowels of hell itself, Billy and Amber must escape or die.

The orphans, abandoned again, must set aside their differences and put into practice what Billy has taught them. Or starve.

And is the honeymoon over already? Can the Bullies save their relationship with Mel?

“WOW! Hauntingly hypnotic. Good enough to set to music. A wickedly graphic conclusion. Loved it.” Anne, Australia

“It’s really clever. Very exciting. I love the way you’ve ended it.” Jack, Australia

“One minute his chilling descriptions are giving me the shivers and the next, I’m laughing out loud!” Ethan, USA

“By far the best in the series, cliffhanger at end is driving me crazy” Andrew, UK

URBAN HUNTERS is laugh–out–loud, gut–churning, heart–wrenching storytelling at its best. Unlike anything you’ve ever read, in typical Taaffe fashion. Hilarious as usual. Always surprising. Wonderful!



“AMBER!” Billy screamed as they fell.

But she couldn’t hear him above a flap of bat wings whipping her face like flags in a hurricane. They were freefalling down a deep, pitch–black hole, smashing and crashing through a colony of escaping bats. Their fishhook claws were embedded deep into every square inch of Amber’s bare skin and screaming in her ears for freedom.

Billy and Amber had fallen into the hollow trunk of a truly massive Strangler fig tree, home for hundreds of years to a monstrous colony of bats. Frightened to flight by Billy and Amber’s screams, the whole dense mass were smashing head–long into their freefall. Locked hand in hand, the pair spun like helicopter blades as bat bodies slammed into their kidneys like a burst of canon balls.

Billy squeezed Amber’s hand, an apology before she died. It was all so wrong. She was supposed to be his new wife. Delivered in a box down a darkened alley by the spirit of his mother. The beginnings of a whole new era for his Aboriginal clan, and what’s more, the Dreaming would live on in the hearts of his people. Except now, his clan would never know what had happened to him. He wouldn’t return and they’d assume the whitefellas had killed him like his Uncle Jarrah.

After spending the last forty–eight years hiding in the bush and not seeing another single Aborigine, the clan thought they were the last of their kind. They’d be down to just five now, without Billy. His family would retreat deeper into the bush and eventually die out without anyone ever knowing them. Along with the Dreaming, for there’d be no one to pass on the laws of the land through stories to the children. They’d be taught about the whitefellas God instead, and the Dreaming would fade from memory forever.

Elanora appeared before Billy in that moment. His mum was always smiling, except this time she was reaching out to him.


Bunya Publishing:

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