The Distance || Niall Horan

Cassandra Young was just another average girl. You'd pass her in the streets, and maybe if you were nice, you'd flash a smile. She was nobody special, except to her best friend Niall. When their friendship begins sparking, she doesn't try to stop the flame from growing and eventually she finds the one thing she's been looking for. Somebody to love. When tragedy happens and Niall leaves her, she does all she can to forget he ever existed. It's kind of hard though. I mean, he is in a famous boy band. When they meet each other, Niall tries to rekindle what they had. In her eyes, a second time is either a blessing or a lesson and she doesn't want to take the chance of it being a lesson. Watch as Cassandra and Niall go on a crazy adventure to find love, find each other and begin what never ended. There's just one plot twist. The distance.


1. Prologue



   "Come on, climb higher!" I shouted, laughing as Niall slowly grasped the next bar. He looked down at the ground with fear written across his face and I actually felt bad for him. The poor guy and his fear of heights. His cheeks turned red as he looked back up, his knuckles whitening due to how tightly he grasped the cool metal.

   "Cass, we're a good fifteen, possibly more, feet off the ground!" Niall exclaimed, staying in his position as I urged to climb to the very top. I was persistent, as you may have noticed and I was determined to reach the top. Although he had a point, what was such a creation doing in a playground. It had to be at least twenty feet high, what if toddlers tried climbing up it? I honestly had no idea what it was, but all I knew is it was fun climbing.

   "Cass." Niall groaned, stuck between wimping out and climbing to the ground or following me to the highest point. He had soon made his decision, quickly rushing behind me so we stood beside each other.

   "The sun looks so pretty from out here!" I exclaimed, pointing off into the horizon where various colors smeared across the sky. It looked like a painters palette had dropped and created art.

   "Put your hand back on the bar!" Niall exclaimed quickly, as I rolled my eyes, laughing.

   "Oh look it! My left hand is in the air!" I teased as he glared at me. Our friendship was odd, yes I'll admit that but without the constant teasing, it wouldn't be a friendship.

   "Stop it!" He scolded, gripping tighter,

   "And now my right hand is in the air!" I continued, sticking my tongue out as he rolled his eyes in annoyance.

   "And now I'm on one foo-," I began before I felt my feet slip. A scream left my lips, Niall screaming my name as I fell towards the ground. Tears formed in my eyes and I suddenly wish I had listened to Niall. I felt my body collide with the ground and with that everything went black. If only I knew what life would had been like when I woke up. I would have never woken up.





I know it's short but once the first chapter is published, you'll understand why what happened happened. :)

~gabby// x

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