miss me?

the Weasleys have 'family issues' and Ron see it his job to deal with them


2. hypocrites

Harry's POV


I cant believe he would be such a hypocrite I thought to myself what if I tell Mrs Weasley what he has been doing to Hermione, I was so annoyed, I walked out of the house and down the street thinking about Ron and Ginny,  oh poor Hermione, she's gonna be stuck with those two I turned around an headed back to the house. just in time "Hermione wait," I called to her, she turned around and saw me, I ran up the path to her, "don't go in there yet"


"cause Ginny and I might have made Ron a bit mad" I blushed,

"what did you do?" she questioned,

"they bloody made love to each other, is what they did" Ron interrupter in a murderous voice,

"harry" she scolded

"and like you two don't, don't lie I sleep in that room I hear you" I retorted

"your a pair of hypocrites" Ginny's watery voice called, I ran over to her and put my arms around her,

"I'm sorry" I whispered in her ear,

"what for?" she muttered looking up into my eyes,

"for yelling at Ron, not finishing what we started, just leaving you here" I answered, wiping a tear off her cheek. she got up on her toes and kissed me, I could feel Ron's death glare on my back.

"Ron I am sick of this, your a bloody hypocrite, come on Ginny we are going to Gimulda place" I lead Ginny towards the door,

"I don't think that's a good idea harry" Ron said in a low voice, "if you leave ill tell mum what you two have been up to, and what you might do"

"Ron don't black mail them" Hermione scolded, she grabbed his hand but he pulled away,


"we do don't we, he hasn't told on us, why should we tell on them?"

"because he is my best friend, and she is my sister" he was fuming

"and we are his best friends"

"so what, I let him date her, I could have told him she was off limits" Ron said

"but you didn't, you should have expected this" Hermione said matter of factly

"SHUT UP HERMIONE" he yelled at her,

"FINE, Harry I'm going with you and Ginny" she huffed and went up to pack some stuff taking Ginny with her

"smooth one" I said to a totally shocked Ron, and ducked upstairs to help the girls.

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