miss me?

the Weasleys have 'family issues' and Ron see it his job to deal with them


4. guilt

Harry's POV

"Harry, Harry!" Hermione was calling to me,


"I..I"she stuttered

"if its about Ron, forget it" I turned around to see her crying

"b..but Harry, I..i feel so bad" she whined, "its not his fault, Harry, it was a shock to me two"

"well, he is being really hypocritical" I replied

"well I know how he feels, you're like my brother and ginnys my best friend, but...but I"

"expected it" I finished for her, she nodded and cried some more,

"come here" I said and gave her a hug, "do you want to go back to him?"

"yeah" she sniffed,

"can we stay here?" ginny asked

"sure" I nodded to her


Hermione's POV

I apperated back to the burrow,

"Ron" I called "Ron?" I ran down to the back door and saw him colaps onto the floor and then say fred, or was it George, running out the back door with,

"is that Malfoy?" I wondered, "oh no, Ron, Ron please get up please" I whispered,

"urgh"I groaned, opening his eyes to look at me

"oh thankyou, thankyou" I said

"first Harry and Ginny, now Fred and Hanna" he grumbled

"what, did they, they didn't did they?" I asked astounded

"no, but o think they were going to" he said.

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