miss me?

the Weasleys have 'family issues' and Ron see it his job to deal with them


5. good job

Fred's POV

"well done Hanna, I told you to be quiet, but what did you do? you giggled shrilly" I said annoyed with her, she stared at me, "I told you Ron would go manic"

"I'm sorry" she shrugged,

"well you missing out more than me"

"oh, you weren't joking?" she looked shocked,

"no I wasn't, I thought that you wanted to"

"I do, but I didn't think we would do it at your house"

"well where else were we gonna?"

"IDK, maybe a hotel or something"


"cause then our families wont catch us" she said matter of factly

"does it matter?" I shrugged,

"no, I guess not" she blushed, "lets head back before Ron wakes up"

"sure" I nodded


Hermione's POV

"shhhh, Ron lay down" I whispered,

"but I don't want to just sit here, I'm not sick, and you're not Pomfry" he uttered

"hey, I wasn't trying" I scoffed

"just let me get up and beat the crap out of Fred and Harry"

"no, Ron"

"please Hermione"



"cause I have a better idea"


Ron's POV

"cause I have a better idea" Hermione said seductively "ill take yor mind off them" chills ran down my spine, ive never seen her like this, "come on babe" she whispered stroking my jaw,

"oh Hermione, calm down"

"why don't you?" she muttered, dragging her finger down my chest and stomach, and a reddened sliding away from her, she grabbed my collar and drew her self in close,

"please Ron" she whispered in my ear,

"okay" I nodded, grabbing her hips and ripping away her jeans, she released my collar and slid her shirt over head. I took my pants, when I straitened up she tugged my shirt off.


"mmmm, Ron, arhhh, no don't stop" Hermione moaned in my ear

"ahhh,Hermione, stop clawing my back so hard"


"no, no more apologies,"

"just forgiveness" she finished, then moaned in my ear, I pulled back panting, she started chewing on my ear,

"I'm sorry" I whispered in her ear "in sorry I yelled at you, that I wanted to hit Harry and Fred"

"Ron no more apologies" she reminded me,

"right, yeah, so.."



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