miss me?

the Weasleys have 'family issues' and Ron see it his job to deal with them


3. go die in a hole

Ron's POV

"Hermione come back" I called after her "please hermione, im sorry"

"Ron you should have thought about that be for you yelled at me" Hermione said, trying to hide her tear stained face from me she rushed Ginny out the door,

"mate you really messed up this time" harry told me,

"GO DIE IN A HOLE" I yelled at him,

"whatever mate, you should stop pushing us away" he shrugged and walk out the door after the girls.

I heard the back to open, a female giggling,

"shhhh, Hanna be quiet" I could hear a male voice, I walked round the corner to find Fred heading upstairs with a girl, Hanna Malfoy to be exact,

"hello dear brother" I said, they froze and then Fred slowly turned to look at me,

"hello Ronald, just forget you saw this" he said pushing Hanna back out the door,

"Fred! what are you doing with this, this Malfoy" I fumed, she pushed her coal black hair back and drew a breath,

"Hanna! lets just go" Fred grabbed and led her back to the door

"no, Fred, not till you explain" I barked, flicking my wand and locking the door,

"Ron, you don't understand, just unlock the..."

"exactly I don't under stand" I cut across fred "so please explain" I smiled cockily

"RON, GET OUT OF THE WAY" he yelled at me,

"NO" I roared, pulling my wand back out,

"EXPELIARMUS" Hanna yelled,

"STUPIFY" Fred bellowed, the last thing I saw was Fred and Hanna running from the house.

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