Digging my Own Grave.

My personality was dull, my mind unfazed, and my future was already told to me by many others. It all changed when I was taken, I had to make a very difficult decision. That I ended up liking...


2. The Change

My eyes stayed focused on the body, watching the blood flow down and soak the ground. A chill ran up my sine, tickling me. Leaning down, I placed my hands on his chest to open his jacket pocket and find his wallet. Opening it up to find a fake ID, fifty dollars in american then twenty in Canadian then some change in American. Taking the money out, I put the wallet back in its pocket, my face stayed hard. I noticed footsteps coming towards me, not menacing but soothed and easy. Smelling cigarette smoke, I looked up to see Damon smoking with a pleased look on his face.

"Good, now we can get to work." Then he grabbed the body and started dragging it to the winding branches of the dead tree. The cigarette sticking out of his mouth, smoke swirling around his head. I watched him drag the body, till it was laying right next to the tree, walking back towards me while flicking the cigarette away.

"What do I do now?" I asked, standing on shaking knees.

"Now," he looked straight into my eyes, knuckles grazing my cheek. "You learn how to fight, and kill." He grinned as he walked away. "Oh and don't worry Honey, I'll take care of this body for you. Next ones on you though." Then he walked away towards the van.

Watching him walk away I focused my attention on the smouldering fire, the red coals drawing me towards it. I barely noticed that I was walking towards the fire till I noticed a voice and someone shaking me. John stood in front of me, shaking me, bringing me out of the daze.

"Stop! Lana stop!" My eyes focused on John, the tears welling up in my eyes as I focused on him. "Not here Lana, don't cry here. Otherwise all you did, will be for nothing. Don't cry here, not yet." He nodded to the direction of Damon.

I nodded, taking a big sniff I cleared my eyes and stiffened my jaw. He nodded and let go of my shoulders, looking to where Damon would disappear. He looked at me, gave me a reassuring nod before walking in the direction of Damon. Some part of me wondered how old he was, the same part continued to comment on how attractive he looked. I stood and watched him, the way his arms flexed in his t-shirt as he ruffled his hair, the gap between his shoulders on his back. I hadn't realized my eyes had gone lower till he had turned all the way around and was smiling at me, he knew I had been looking at him.

Blushing, I turned from him and towards the fire. Walking with my head down and hands in my back pockets, smile still spread across my face. The heat hitting my body, stoning it with pins and needles. I hadn't realized how cold I was till this moment, my mind flushed making my inside warm as well. Thoughts coming into my mind, I was thinking about John an hour after I had killed someone. The thought horrified me, making my chest squeeze as I realized I wasn't too different from Damon, in the sense of the fact that maybe, I didn't care.

Biting my lip hard as my mind raced, two different topics, coming in at the same time, with a man dead by my hand. John was involved with both thoughts, in one thought he was the centre of it. In another thought, I couldn't help feeling the he had done the exact same thing I had. He must of had to of been taken exactly like how I had, then he had to kill someone. Like I had.

I turned from it, from the thought itself and away from the fire. I turned towards the lone tree, letting the wind skim my face gently and the tree howled. Crossing my arms in front of me, and shifting on my hip. I stared at that tree for what felt like minutes but turned into hours. Hours that went from day to night, the only thing snapping me out of my gaze was the cold wind that swept over that ground and through the trees. My skin was now sprinkled with bumps from the cold, turning to the sound of an ax splitting wood, John standing behind a large stump with an ax.

"I was wondering what happened to you," he smiled a bit, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand.

"Yeah," I quietly sat in a chair facing him, "I kinda spaced out..." I shrugged, hoping the fires light hid my blush.

His raised eyebrow proved that he didn't believe me. "Spaced out? No, more like drugged out. You were thinking about something that was obviously very important,"

I flinched back as his axe met wood again, slicing the large piece into two medium pieces. "Yeah, but it was just a small thought that just got bigger and bigger," I looked away as his eyes met mine.

"I see," he tossed the wood to the side, "like a web," he nodded.

"Web?" I asked looking at him with my brow furrowed.

Nodding again as he raised the axe over his head getting ready to chop another piece, "you ever see a spider catch a bug in its web?" I nodded as I leaned forward, "well your mind it kind of like that, a small thought coming in and making you think -a small bug in a spiders web. Then a few more thoughts come in, making the one thought grow bigger, making you feel more emotions -a couple more bugs coming into the web, making the web bigger. Before you know it your mind is so caught up in one thought that all these other thought make the one thought so much bigger then it originally was." He tilted his head in the direction of the deep woods.

His thoughts were a big clustered, but I understood. Nodding at him as he smiled slightly then continued chopping. Smiling to myself as I stared at the fire again. Then the sudden thought came into my mind.

"Where is Damon?!" I asked hurriedly, looking around in search of his tall dominant figure.

"Oh, he went into town. Since you can't stay here alone, he had to go alone. And you might get recognized if your out..." His eyes averted from my own.

I nodded, looking back into the fire. The noise of the van coming back down the road stirred me into turning around, Damon opened the drivers door, gathering bags before getting out. He walked to the cabin, disappearing inside with the bags. Turning to John with my eyebrow raised, John wouldn't look at me. Instead he became very interested and concentrated in chopping the wood. I shrugged, gathering the blanket into my lap as I settled into the chair.

A pair of hands came to rest on my eyes, making my body still. "Get up." Damon's firm voice spoke, his breath warming my ear and sending shivers down to my tailbone. I slowly stood, the blanket still in my hands as I heard the chair being moved on the ground. His firm hold guided me to turn around and gently pushed me forward. My feet took slow steps in the direction that I recognized as the cabin. "Three steps upward." So I took those three steps upward. "Eyes closed. Stay still." My eyes closed, body still.

I heard Damon move around the Cabin, it being my first time inside I was a little frightened but curious at the same time. Damon shut the cabin door, then he moved closer. His arms slowly went around my waist as his head laid gently on my shoulder. I resisted from pulling away, instead leaning into it a little. He moved us deeper inside the cabin, he started humming a gentle tune as we ventured deeper.

"Open your eyes," his fingers glided against my cheek, moving hair from my face.

My eyes slowly opened, first looking around to see old furniture with a worn out plaid pattern, pictures of trees and mountains spread around the room. A great wolf painted on a canvas that hung over the fire place. My eyes then went to the shopping bags that were spread out on the only bed in the cabin. He slowly inched my toward them, his fingers gripping my hips. Sport Check, Victoria's Secret, Winners, American Apparel, Hot Topic. The bags were spread out, going to the first bag I got my hands on I took out a pair of green and black running shoes in my size and a pack of white and a pack of grey socks. An array of clothing was spread out.

The last bag I picked up was the most erotic, containing lace bras with matching thongs, stockings that attached to certain pairs of underwear. An array of night gowns, most made of a see through material. A smile coming to my lips as a thing and matching bra came into my view, both were black and lace but were lined with little roses, my fingers delicately tracing the small fabric flowers.

"Try it on," I looked up to see Damon's eyes lighting with fire as his gaze traveled my body. Damon had gotten all the sizes right, every last one. So there was no point in my trying them on, but I already knew what he meant.

I bit my bottom lip in a seductive way, my voice mimicking it. "How old are you Damn?" I wanted to make this a game.

He crawled towards me slowly, his shoes already off. "I turned 18 in August," he slowly played with the hem of my shirt before pulling it off. "Ask another, I wanna keep going," his eyes burning into my hips as his thumbs massaged the area just above the material of my jeans.

His eyes met mine with a heat as he gripped my now bare hips. "How did you know all my sizes?" I asked, the smile growing as he popped the button open and slid the zipper down before placing his index fingers into the belt loops, forcefully yanking the jeans down to my knees.

"I have a very good eye," he sat down on the side of the bed. Pulling me to sit on top of his lap, my lack if clothing making his layers of clothing more noticeable. His hands taking the material of the jeans and completely taking them off my body.

"You go now, I have no more questions," my hands going around his neck and fingers into the light waves of his dark hair.

"Hmmm, when do you turn 16?" His hands playing with the hem of my black underwear.

I gripped the hem of his shirt, gliding it up his body and I examined his abdomen with a steamy gaze. "A week and a half," that was true. My birthday was in a week and a half, September 17th.

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