Digging my Own Grave.

My personality was dull, my mind unfazed, and my future was already told to me by many others. It all changed when I was taken, I had to make a very difficult decision. That I ended up liking...


3. Production

Damon's eyes burned with a heat that caused my knees to go weak. This look was new, nothing like the looks he had given me before, and yet I still didn't want his look. Although I didn't want it from him, I made it seem like it was all I wanted.

Straddling his hips again, I met his lips with mine, his tough slipping into my mouth automatically. I groaned softly and laced my fingers in his dark hair as I slipped my tongue in his mouth. I felt him smile against my mouth as his arms circled around my waist, pushing us closer together. As I pulled away gently to take a breath, his eyes were dark.

I took a slow breath to steady myself, his eyes flared at that moment. Throwing us both down onto the bed, my giggled echoed throughout the cabin as he settled himself between my legs and rested his chest against mine. An erotic smirk was placed on his thin red lips as he rose his hips and started to take them off. The sound of his jeans hitting the hardwood floor excited me, biting my lip I pulled his mouth to mine as I hooked my legs around his waist. His groan went through my body as I lifted my hips to grind against him, his teeth biting down against my bottom lips as he took my hip firmly in his hand. He looked deeply in my eyes as a ground down against me, making my stomach pool with something wonderful. 

He grunted as I gasped, the feeling of him getting hard making the pool grow. Arching my back to try and get a better feel of him, rising my body as he pushed his down. He began nipping and sucking at the sensitive flesh of my neck, making me grip onto the sheets and headboard of the bed. Another gasp from my mouth made him start going faster and harder, then all at once his movements became slow and painful. I groaned deeply, scraping my nails against his back, feeling his selfish smirk against my skin. I became a ball of lust and rage, flipping us with a strength and speed I hadn't known I possessed. His eyes showed his amazement and  astonishment. 

"Fuck foreplay." I spat out harshly, taking my bra off and throwing it to the floor.

"Thank fuck." He groaned as he rolled us over again, his boxers coming off then ripping my underwear off.

Locking my ankles around his waist as he slid himself inside of me, my gasp coming out short. The sound of his groan going through his body. Taking hold of his shoulders as he moved inside me, slowly and gently. After a few thrusts he began going faster, holding my hips down. The feeling painful but pleasurable all at the same time. He grunted, his face twisted in pleasure. My body burned with heat, my mind spun with pleasure as it pooled deep inside me. His eyes stayed dark as he moved inside me harshly, throwing my head back as the ecstasy flowed through my veins, small gasps coming from from my mouth. 

''Oh fuck yes!'' He growled out, nipping at the skin at the base of my neck. I knew he was close to his release, his frantic thrusting gave him away. 

He nipped hard against my skin, causing a gasp of pain to form and escape my mouth. Damon smiled against the base of my neck, happy he had marked me. Wrapping my legs tighter around his legs making him go deeper inside me, he groaned out as the feeling. His head thrown back, taking advantage of his exposed neck I softly kissed the base. I started sucking harder, making blood come to the surface. Damon groaned and thrust harder into me, I squealed a little and let my fingernails rake down his back. 



After we finished Damon had fallen asleep shortly after, the dark marks of my mouth prominent on his fair skin. I pulled on a pair of my new sweat pants and a baggy sweater before I walked back outside. Jack sat on a lawn chair by the fire, a bottle of beer in his hand as he threw another log onto the fire from the pile beside him. As I pulled my converse on and walked out into the cold night air, the smell of Damon came with me. It became clear to me, I was here to be Damon's puppet, to be his toy. 

Sitting down in the chair next to John, I slowly breathed in the smell of the fire. 

"So, you fucked him?" John asked bluntly. I turned to look at him, my face not showing my astonishment at his bluntness. 

"Yeah, I fucked him," I sighed, leaning my head back against the chair. The flames grew and shrank as the wind slowly and lightly blew. 

I could see  John nodding as he took another drink. "How was it?" 

I contemplated the event, taking it all in again as I weighed the pro and cons. "Slow, took him awhile. Not that I actually got to have mine, just took him awhile to get what he wanted. He tried to pleasure me but I just turned it around and gave him more." 

John took it in for a few seconds, the he let out a loud bellow. "You really weren't that satisfied?" he asked, taking another beer out only this time he handed it to me. 

I took the bottle and put it against the chair before hitting the top with my fist, the cap popping off. I took a long drink of the beer. "Nope, I had to fake it. I could go for another round right now," I could feel John looking at me, but I kept my eyes on the fire. It was true, sure it felt kind of good but it didn't feel right. 

"Too bad, sucks to be unsatisfied." He took another drink, I could tell he had been drinking for awhile. He wreaked of alcohol and he was starting to slur his words. "Too bad he's gonna keep you for himself." John sighed heavily. 

Turning my head to see the expression of exhaustion and pure dismay of the situation.  I half smiled. knowing he wouldn't remember what he had told me and that he didn't at that moment realize what he had said. Biting my lip between a tight jaw, I resisted the urge to tell him to go to bed. He caught me looking at him and gave me a a funny snarling face, making me giggle and look back at the fire. The fire crackled as we sat there. 

"So, where you wanna sleep?" John asked, taking another beer and opening it.

"Do I sleep with him? Since you know... we fucked," I asked, still looking at the fire.

"Well, that depends on how good you did in his eyes," John took a long swig of his beer before looking at me with a eyebrow raised largely. "See, he could fuck you again or he could strangle you for being in his bed." Raising my eyebrows in astonishment, he wasn't joking for a drunk man. 

"Well. Seems like I have a big decision to make," I just nodded my head. 

"And if you sleep without him and he wants you to sleep with him, you could die then as well and maybe kill us both," He seemed so calm as he told me this, my calm composure wavered as I took in his slurred words. I considered that he was just exaggerating what he was telling me, then I realized what we both knew. He would kill us if we made a mistake. 

"Well, I think I should just go back in there and sleep with him then. At least I would be only one of the two of us to die." I chugged the last little bit before heading back inside to lay down next to Damon, gently resting my head on the pillow.

Damon's chest raised then fell as he breath heavily and calmly, all of his features relaxed. At one point I could see a small smile appear on his dark features, his body moving a bit to his side where he now faced me. Going onto my side so I faced him, I traced the lines of his face with my eyes. He didn't seem to notice me laying with him, he was in the same position I had left him in. Relaxed and calm. 

I would rather this Damon any day...


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