Welcome To My Life

{my story}
So I can let things out. This is me, in my entirety. Welcome to my life.
(True Story)
*may be triggering*

-If you need to talk I'll always be here.-


3. the worst night

I collapsed on the bed. My parents weren't home. I swear I could have felt wind blowing through my rib cage. I tried to cry, but nothing came out. I was dry. I was empty. And I was desperate to make the feeling go away. What's sharper then scissors? My mind immediately answered: razor blades. But that was something my parents would notice missing. I took a deep breathe. Think, think, think, think. Pencil sharpener

What's the point?

Why am I here?

I want to be with Becky.

This makes no sense, everything I do in the end won't matter. Everyone will forget me anyway.

I stood on the balcony, slowly pulling myself up on the railing. I could hear my heart beat in my ears, my breathe echoing in my head. My palms began to sweat, I averted my eyes from the pavement to the clouds crowding the sky. I could feel the stillness before rain, the smell and taste of dying roses filling my lungs. Go towards the clouds, not the street. Maybe I'd fly. I was close to the end now. I stood on my tiptoes, tipping forward slowly. I didn't hear the garage door open.

"Emery?!" I heard my mom yell. "What are you doing?" My heart stopped. I turned around, trying to cover up the blood on my thighs. My stomach churned and I felt like throwing up.

"Get DOWN!" My mom cried, pulling me down by my arms. That's when I started crying. Slowly and then faster the tears came, I heard my sobs like it wasn't me creating them.

"I cut!" I screamed to no one in particular.

And watched my world tumble down.

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